The 4-day superweek of the Spanish first league continues with two more exciting matches. Let’s take a look at the battles awaiting us on the third day. Who can rise above the rest of the tightly-matched pack?


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ASUS ROG Army vs. eMonkeyz

Both ASUS and the Monkeyz can be happy with their performances from the last two days, as they gathered points by drawing matches they were generally expected to lose. A 2-0 win here would be greatly helpful to either team, as all the biggest playoff contenders have failed to get a significant lead over their competition, and each line-up still has a chance to fight for the title.

ASUS played two very close games against Movistar, where it was again their teamfighting that shone bright as they made a terrific comeback in game 1. eMonkeyz got outmacroed in the first game against Giants, but later confirmed that they can play quick snowball comps well and capitalize on good early game plays. If they do something similar against ASUS, they might take a game from them too. However, I don’t think they can do it twice against a well-meshing team like ASUS, so I can see this duel ending in a draw.

Chance of winning analysis: 50% ASUS, 30% draw, 20% eMonkeyz
Betting prediction: ASUS ROG Army to win, paying -111.11 at BetOnline.

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KIYF eSports Club vs. Vodafone Giants

Giants have had a bit of an oopsie in their last match, after their passive late-game comp was fully exploited by eMonkeyz. The questionable drafts draw a bit of a shadow on an otherwise great start from them. KIYF have also started well, and their players have clicked together right off the bat, and this match should be the derby of the superweek.

KIYF’s clever play and focus on Carzzy as their main carry has helped them a lot, with the young ADC having some terrific performances. Giants have good macro and teamfighting, but their reliance on split-pushing could be an issue if they decide to go with the strategy yet again. They will need to focus on their bot lane more than usual if they want to stay afloat, and their opponents should look to punish any mistakes. Giants are a good team, though, and I expect them to bounce back even if they lose the first game.

Chance of winning analysis: 30% KIYF, 50% draw, 20% Giants
Betting prediction: KIYF eSports Club to win, paying +700 at BetOnline. sign up and claim exclusive esports betting bonuses

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