The last day of the SuperLiga Orange superweek brings us two matches, and in both we will be able to see one of the finalists from last season. The reigning champions MAD Lions will be taking on a revitalized Penguins squad, while Movistar Riders will play against the league’s most disappointing team at the moment.


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Penguins vs. MAD Lions

In nature, a battle of lions and penguins would certainly end in a decisive victory for the lions. In League of Legends, well… Penguins at least have a chance. After a bloodshed against KIYF where they scored an astonishing 56 kills in two games ended in a victory, Spain’s most chaotic team surely won’t easily bow to the kings.

MAD Lions showed their versatility in the previous win against Dragons, where they comfortably stomped game 1 and used slow and patient sieging to take the next game. Crownshot is still having somewhat iffy performances and the Lions will have to think of a way to wake him up. Penguins’ “animal style” aggression will certainly make it harder for MAD, but the title holders are still expected to take this. A draw is probably the best outcome Penguins can hope for, as I don’t see them winning more than one game.

Chance of winning analysis: 65% MAD Lions, 25% draw, 10% Penguins
Betting prediction: Small bet on Penguins to win, paying +1800 at BetOnline.

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Dragons E.C. vs. Movistar Riders

A sad start to the campaign for Dragons is looking to turn into a sad mid-split, as they still haven’t won a single game. They don’t have a high chance of doing it against Movistar Riders, either, as the full-foreign heavyweights are looking as a top-tier contender for the #1 spot.

Dragons have slowly been getting used to losing, and their last game against MAD Lions shows it, as they had many opportunities to get a lead and simply failed to make use of them. Their starting ADC still isn’t on the roster, even though he was expected to play yesterday, and the top/jungle duo is looking very disconnected. Movistar, on the other hand, are playing decently, even if not having a lot of different strategies. Getting an early lead and snowballing the game is still their main go-to, and they should be able to succeed in this against a struggling bunch that is Dragons. A 2-0 for Movistar Riders is the most likely outcome.

Chance of winning analysis: 80% Movistar Riders, 10% draw, 10% Dragons
Betting prediction: Movistar Riders to win, paying -303.03 at BetOnline. sign up and claim exclusive esports betting bonuses

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