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ESB’s free League of Legends betting tips for Tuesday focus on three LoL Circuit Oceania (LCO) bouts. Here are our best bets and top odds for ORDER vs, Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves, and Chiefs Esports Club vs Gravitas.


LoL Betting Odds: ORD +284 at BetOnline | PGG -434.78 at BetOnline
When: March 23, 2021 at 19:00 AEDT
Watch Live: Twitch, Lolesports

ORDER’s three-game winning streak came to an end on Friday, when they had to admit defeat to Dire Wolves in what was a fairly one-sided series for George “Farmer” Normore’s squad. Although ORDER held on relatively well in the early game, they were unable to match Wolves in the late game due to their subpar draft.

ORDER haven’t been doing too well this season but they’re still a very strong early-game team, especially when it comes to securing first bloods. They boast the league’s best 72.7% first blood rate, however, they’re still a team that fails to translate these early leads into something meaningful.

We don’t feel comfortable betting on ORDER to defeat, while it makes no sense to side with the favourites at the provided odds. That said, the proposition bet on ORDER to get first blood at $2.14 is worth a shot, considering are not particularly effective in doing so themselves (54.5% FB).

First Blood – Order


Legacy Esports vs Dire Wolves LoL BETTING & MATCH DETAILS

LoL Betting Odds: LGC +325 at BetOnline | DW -526.32 at BetOnline
When: March 23, 2021 at 20:00 AEDT
Watch Live: Twitch, Lolesports

Legacy Esports have not been looking too hot this season and have definitely not impressed in their losses against and PEACE. Although the reigning Oceanic champions were in a good position to win both bouts, they were unable to seal the deal largely due to their poor mid-late game.

Dire Wolves are a momentum-driven team, meaning they usually win games in which they gain early leads, but often lose badly when they fall behind. Due to this trait, we can imagine a world where Wolves lose against an early-game oriented team such as Legacy, however, we can’t trust a squad that seemingly has no idea what to do when the laning phase ends.

We don’t feel comfortable betting on Legacy to win and at $1.19 there is no reason to take DW either, so we will take the same approach as with the previous prediction. Legacy are priced as high as $2.27 to secure first blood, which is very generous considering they have managed to get their name on the board first in 63.6% of their games, whereas DW did the same in only 54.5% of their bouts.

First Blood – Legacy Esports


Chief Esports Club vs Gravitas LoL BETTING & MATCH DETAILS

LoL Betting Odds: CHF -476.19 at BetOnline | GRV +300 at BetOnline
When: March 23, 2021 at 21:00 AEDT
Watch Live: Twitch, Lolesports

Chiefs Esports Club and Gravitas last met just over two weeks ago, when Chiefs won with 21-6 in kills and over 13k gold lead. Chiefs have since played five games (+ one forfeit against MAMMOTH) and lost all but their clash with Legacy Esports.

Gravitas have managed one win out of six outings during that stretch, and even that sole victory came against MAMMOTH, which is hardly worth celebrating. Regardless of their lack of success, Gravitas aren’t much weaker than Chiefs, who have yet to prove they can consistently win games – even against weaker sides.

This is a clash between two sides that are struggling with their form, so it doesn’t make much sense to see such a big price gap. At the provided odds, we will take Gravitas, not necessarily because they’re playing better than Chiefs, but rather because Chiefs are performing just as poorly.

Gravitas to win

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