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This match-up starts on Thursday, December 27, 2018 – 23:15 UTC+8.

We’re at the group stage this Thursday as Kaipi and Nemiga meet in the LOOT.BET Winter Masters.

Kaipi’s last professional match was up against HAPPY GUYS in MegaFon Champions League Season 2, they lost to HAPPY GUYS in that match-up.

Their draft illustrated that Dazzle is their favourite hero, they drafted Dazzle as their core in game one.

While they also picked Anti-Mage as their first position hero in that game along with Centaur Warchief as their offlaner.

These line up of cores was only able to win when you are against some tier 3 team or below than that. HAPPY GUYS is a team features a lot of tier one players such as Illidan and Synderen, they did not have any problem to encounter the split push pressure that created by Kaipi.

Dazzle always split push with Necromaniac Level 3 while Anti-Mage had his farm was their strategy Kaipi’s strategy, HAPPY GUYS countered them with Medusa, a stronger late-game hero compare to Anti-Mage.

Medusa always able to farm the Necromaniac summoned by Dazzle allowed him to increase his net worth and also countered the split push.

Kaipi was forced to call GG when Tiny and Medusa wipe them out in the last team fight.

In game two, Kaipi drafted Dazzle as position 5, this is an advantage Kaipi could use towards their enemies in drafting phase, putting Dazzle in position two or support role can confuse enemies.

However, HAPPY GUYS still took them down in game two with Beastmaster on fire that game.

Nemiga Gaming most recent professional match was against TPB in Friends Cup, that was a long game, the game ended at 60-minute mark after Nemiga Gaming lost their throne.

GGwpLanaya, the position two player from Nemiga Gaming played Kunka in that game. Kunka is a hero that required a lot of focus to ensure that you able to stun enemies after the X mark pulling enemy back to point you marked him.

Despite Nemiga Gaming lost in that game, GGwpLanaya played a good game of Kunka in that match-up.

Their draft was featuring, Brewmaster, Vengeful Spirit, Phantom Lancer, Elder Titan and Kunka. This draft was great because all of their cores able to join team fight after 20-minute mark, they might able to win the game before 30-minute mark if enemies drafted too greddy.

However, TPB also draft nicely, as they picked Razor and Tidehunter to sustain the early-middle game pressure from enemies and putting Terrorblade in a comfortable farming zone.

Kaipi vs Nemiga Gaming betting prediction

After analysing the drafting abilities and their members individual skills of both squads, we give Nemiga Gaming a 60% chance to win this match-up.

Our recommendation is to go medium and bet on Nemiga Gaming to win the game at better than -120.48 at BetOnline.

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