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The Professional Gamers League (PGL) of Dota 2 has formed a partnership with online bookmaker GG.BET for the event that is considered to be the league’s most important competition, The International (TI).

GG.Bet has been on an incredible rampage recently, securing ties as a betting partner for many big Dota 2 events and signing Team Vitality’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive Team as its international betting partner.

When GG.Bet made the announcement of the collaboration, the company stated that it was glad to provide continuing support to the growth of the esports industry and provide new options for gaming enthusiasts.

The online bookmaker happens to be the tournament’s first official partner for the 2022 edition of The International and also the first betting company to form an alliance with PGL.

“Becoming the first betting partner of the first three stages of this year’s The International is an incredible opportunity for GG.BET.
“We’ve come a long way with PGL and are delighted to take our collaboration to the next level. We will continue to organise unique shows, exciting contests, themed bonuses and prizes, and do everything else in our power to make sure every Dota 2 fan has an unforgettable time enjoying the tournament.” Dmitry Voshkarin, CEO of GG.BET said.

The online bookmaker will become a sponsor for the Regional Qualifiers, which will take place between September 3 and 17, the Last Chance Qualifier, which will take place between October 8 and 12, and the Group Stage, which will take place from October 15 to 18.

Additionally, GG.BET will collaborate with a wide range of sponsors and influencers to develop special content pertaining to the event that will begin today in Singapore. This content will include upcoming videos, predictions, reviews, as well as other content that will be made available to fans and spectators.

On September 2nd, Valve began selling the 2022 battle pass on September 2nd, giving fans the opportunity to donate to the prize pool at The International. At the time of this writing, the prize pool has a total value of over $5 million, and 25% of each transaction will be contributed to it.

PGL Events and GG.Bet have a long history of working together, and in April of this year, the two companies expanded their relationship, with GG.Bet in charge of handling the distribution of esports competitions for PGL. During that time period, the contract was finalized on the eve of the PGL Regional Major Rankings tournaments, which were held between April 11 and April 24.

This September’s announcement places GG.Bet in the spotlight once again with its collaborations, making it the third month in a row that it has done so. During the month of July, GG.Bet served as the event’s exclusive betting partner for the PGL Major Arlington 2022 competition. This marked the second major PGL event that GG.Bet was involved in during the Dota 2021–2022 season. It took place from the 11th to the 24th of April.

Given a number of compelling factors, GG.Bet is widely regarded as the leading frontrunner for the title of becoming Canada’s top esports betting brand. It has earned the confidence of several teams across a wide range of competitions, including major tournaments and multiple games.

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