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In a thrilling showdown at the 2024 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) grand final in Chengdu, Gen.G emerged victorious over Bilibili Gaming (BLG) with a 3-1 series win, securing their spot at the World Championship.

This momentous win was marked by remarkable performances from all team members, especially Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon, who claimed his first international triumph.

Chovy, the mid-laner for Gen.G, celebrated his first international win, which stood as a highlight for the fans.

Meanwhile, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu, the team’s jungler, achieved his first Mid-Season Invitational victory, adding to his collection of regional and international titles.

Their top laner, Kim “Kiin” Gi-in, exemplified a dramatic rise from the bottom ranks of his regional tournament to the pinnacle of international success.

Gen.G’s bot lane delivered extraordinary performances, with Kim “Peyz” Su-hwan achieving the only pentakill of the tournament and breaking records for his kills.

Son “Lehends” Si-woo, playing a critical role, was awarded the MVP for his stellar performance on four different champions.

Gen.G’s success was also attributed to their strategic mastery and unconventional drafts.

The team’s coach revealed that they had prepared numerous new picks and readjusted strategies specifically for the grand final.

This preparation, although not immediately successful, eventually paid off.

The first game set the tone for the series, with both teams demonstrating why they were favourites.

BLG seemed poised for revenge but failed to secure an early lead.

Gen.G’s composition, which scaled better into the late game, secured a crucial fight at the Elder Drake pit, leading to their victory with Canyon’s Karthus playing a pivotal role.

Riding the momentum from their first win, Gen.G dominated game two.

Lehends’ Blitzcrank enabled Peyz’s Kalista to achieve a record-breaking 28 kills, the highest in a single game at an international LoL event.

Gen.G’s overwhelming performance left BLG struggling to keep up, resulting in a commanding 2-0 lead for Gen.G.

BLG showcased their resilience in game three, capitalizing on Gen.G’s mistakes and securing an early lead.

Despite Gen.G acquiring the Ocean Soul, BLG managed to edge out a win, avoiding a sweep and keeping their hopes alive.

Game four was intensely competitive, with both teams trading objectives and kills.

BLG nearly forced a deciding game with key plays and a Baron steal by Peng “Xun” Lixun.

However, Gen.G’s superior macro gameplay and collected demeanour in the face of BLG’s backdoor attempts secured them the victory.

They clinched the Infernal Drake Soul and the Baron Buff, ultimately closing out the series and claiming their status as MSI champions.

Gen.G’s victory not only ended the LPL’s dominance at MSI but also marked the first step on their potential Golden Road—aiming to win all major tournaments in the year.

This win also qualifies them for the 2024 World Championship, with both Gen.G and BLG securing additional seeds for their regions, bringing the total number of representatives to four each.

Gen.G’s historic win at the 2024 MSI was a testament to their skill, strategic innovation, and teamwork.

Peyz’s record-setting performance and the team’s overall dominance set a new standard in the competitive League of Legends scene.

As they look forward to the LoL World Championship, Gen.G will aim to continue their path to glory, solidifying their legacy in esports history.

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