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G2 Esports achieved their League of Legends EMEA Championship in a way emerging victorious, over their long standing rivals, Fnatic, in the LEC Season Finals.

The series concluded with a 3-1 scoreline in favor of G2, solidifying their position as the seed from EMEA for the LoL Worlds in 2023.

This marks the first time they have entered the tournament as the number one betting site’s favorite team from the LEC. G2’s triumph was remarkable, as they averaged 24 minutes per win throughout the series and accumulated a staggering total of 77 kills in their three victories.

BrokenBlade and Yike formed a duo in the lane for G2, effectively controlling the map and causing chaos for Fnatic, especially when accompanied by K’sante and Rell in games one, three, and four.

Yike finished with a KDA of 8.1 and a kill participation rate of 73.8 percent.With this victory, G2 secures an entry into the newly established “Stage,” bypassing the play on stage.

However, unlike previous years, being their region’s top seed does not guarantee them a path forward; during this Swiss Stage phase, teams with similar records will face off against each other through randomly drawn matchups. Fnatic and MAD Lions have also earned places in the World’s Swiss Stage.

Additionally, Team BDS will be participating in the World Qualifying Series, where they will face off against the Golden Guardians for an opportunity to enter the play on stage.

G2’s victory in the LEC Season Finals solidifies their reputation as one of Europe’s most formidable League of Legends teams, paving the way for an exhilarating adventure at Worlds 2023.
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