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WHEN it comes to the professional gaming scene, Fortnite and Epic Games have made headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Ever since Season 8, Fortnite, or more specifically Epic Games, is not having a great time of it.

A game that took over the world by storm has been under a lot of criticism from fans and pro players alike, and with no improvements in sight, the decline in popularity, as well as dissatisfaction of fans, is becoming a huge problem.

The building dissatisfaction with the game was voiced at the end of Fortnite Collegiate Starleague tournament, when two players from the University of Georgia stated their opinion on the game in quite a brutal, but honest statement.

The Fortnite Collegiate Starleague tournament ended with a spectacular performance from the University of Georgia, who won their first and apparently last championship. Being the only undefeated team in the event, the champions Jack Stuttard and Ibrahim Diaz stepped on the stage to accept their prize and to say a few words.

The duo from Georgia, while happy with the achievement, expressed their dissatisfaction about the game. When asked about the plans for the future, Jack Stuttard said that he, alongside his teammate Ibrahim Diaz, don’t like the game that much anymore. The main issue with the game, as stated by Stuttard was the balancing, which is as in any game a crucial part of any successful title.

While we heard Jack Stuttard answering in more indirect fashion, Ibrahim Diaz made it clear that the duo won’t be playing competitive Fortnite anymore.

The 29-second video of the interview can be found below:

This, while being huge news, is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Fortnite’s problems. Epic Games has some serious issues if professional players don’t like the game to such a degree they have decided to quit. Bear in mind Jack Stuttard and Ibrahim Diaz won the tournament and are considered to be among the best to play the game.

This was also the first time a professional player decided to quit the game because of what we consider a game developer’s incompetency.

In the past few months, not only have we heard pro players complaining about the game, but casual players as well. A quick look at social media will result in a large number of complaints about Fortnite and changes that were implemented, which are generally agreed to be terrible.

What will come out of that is unknown, however as it seems now, the only thing that is keeping Fortnite boat afloat is the upcoming World Cup tournament.

With huge prizes offered to the best players in the World Cup, there’s too much at stake for professionals to quit.

However, once the dust settles and the World Cup is behind us, Epic Games better have a great solution ready, otherwise 2019 just might be the death of Fortnite.

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