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T1’s mid-laner Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok has broken yet another record in the League of Legends 2022 World Championship just days after his previous feat.

The second half of the group stage of Worlds 2022’s round-robin saw the League of Legends’ best player shatter the record for the most kills made in Worlds history. Faker’s kill count in the Worlds tournament throughout his professional career recently surpassed that of legendary superstar AD carry Jian “Uzi” Zihao with over 350 kills.

The three-time World champion reached an impressive record during T1’s game in the tournament’s group stage game against Fnatic on October 13. During the match, the mid-laner racked up an impressive six kills as well as an assist and only recorded three deaths.

Faker reached his 350th kill in the match using Sylas, one of the player’s less-played champions, and ended the game with a 6/3/1 scoreline. By the end of the game, the three-time World Championship winner had reached a 353 record.

Faker increased the record to 360 that day after facing off against EDward Gaming and Cloud9. While the player currently has the most kills at Worlds, Uzi was able to set the past record in fewer appearances. He held onto the record for a long time, despite being away from the World Championships for four years.

Uzi only played in six World Championship tournaments and reached the grand finals of those events twice. The ADC last played with Royal Never Give Up in 2019, and the team’s World Championship run was halted at the group stage.

While he left the LoL years ago, Uzi is still considered to be the best ADC of all time. He was famous for his amazing carry performances, but he did not win any Worlds during his time in competitive play.

Since the start of his almost decade-long career in the League of Legends, Faker has participated in nearly every World Championship tournament held. The superstar player only missed the international events that took place in 2014 and 2018.

In the seven World Championships that Faker has participated in, the player has only lost six group stage games. Faker’s current record is 38-6, earning him an 86 percent win record in the group stage.

The mid-laner also finished in first place in his group in every single Worlds tournament he attended. Faker is notably one of the few players to play on the same squad in every World Championship he attended.

Over the past few years, the player has adjusted his playstyle to suit his team’s needs and boost their success rate. At the start of his career, Faker made use of a number of carry champions. However, with time, the mid-laner made use of supportive style champions like Galio, Llssandra, and Twisted Fate.

He is also adept at making use of eye-catching playmaking champions such as LeBlanc, Ahri, and Akali when the situation calls for it.

Besides his impressive win record and recent kill count, Faker previously broke the record for the most matches played in the League of Legends international tournament’s history. He racked up a record for most World games played with 100 matches, in addition to an amazing win rate. Faker won a total of 72 games out of 100 and only lost 28.

T1 will enter the knockout stage of the World Championship as the first seed of Group A, which will kick off on October 20.

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