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The Evil Geniuses’ jungler, Kacper “Inspired” Słoma has been named Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the 2022 LCS Summer Split, the League of Legends’ league announced today.

The Polish player is the first player in the history of League of Legends to win the MVP award in both the LEC and the LCS. Attributable to this award, Inspired has achieved an historic feat. During the Summer Split of the previous season, he was recognized as the MVP in Europe. A year ago, he was able to guide Rogue into the group stage of the League World Championship before Evil Geniuses was able to acquire his services under a new contract.

This high-performing pro believes that jungling is actually the easiest position in the game, despite the fact that most players of League of Legends consider it to be the role that presents the greatest challenge. Since his second year playing in major tournaments, the jungler has always made it to both the playoffs and the World Championship.

Inspired was the driving force behind Evil Geniuses’ 3-2 victory over Team Liquid in the five-game series of LCS playoffs that took place on Sunday, September 4. This triumph ensured that Evil Geniuses would make their debut at Worlds for the first time. Inspired carried his team with zest, possessing an unwavering gameplay by posting a scoreline of 8/4/33, which was good enough to achieve a total KDA of 10.3, which was the highest across all players in the game by a large margin, as reported by the League statistics web Games of Legends.

According to data compiled by Oracle’s Elixir for the LCS, Inspired’s 7.4 KDA was the most of any LCS jungler and the fourth-highest in the league ultimately.

The LCS All-Pro lineup was announced earlier in the season, and four Evil Geniuses players, including Inspired, secured berths on the roster, making it the first time the league has featured an All-Pro roster. This summer, the first-team All-Pro award went to Inspired, who received 42 out of 43 first-place ballots for the award. This indicates that Inspired was the choice of nearly all of the voters.

Despite the fact that Evil Genuises have already guaranteed their spot at Worlds, the squad still has a shot at earning the top seed in North America for the competition. If they are successful in defending their LCS title during the grand finals weekend of the LCS, they will be qualified to represent North America at Worlds as the region’s best team.

To begin, they will have to defeat 100Thieves and Cloud9 in order to advance. Even though they did lose their most recent game against Cloud9 in the upper bracket of the playoffs two weeks back, Evil Geniuses have a winning record against Cloud9 and 100Thieves in best-of-fives this season. This season, the Evil Geniuses have a winning record overall in best-of-five competition.

Tomorrow, September 10, at 3:00 p.m. Central Time, Evil Geniuses will play off against 100Thieves in the lower bracket finals of the 2022 LCS championship. Esports betting sites have stipulated Evil Geniuses as the outsider of tomorrow’s match with an odds to win at $3.09 and 100Thieves posing as the favorites team with a $1.35 odds to win with GG.Bet.

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