ESL strikes deal with Acer's Predator
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Esports tournament organiser ESL Gaming has today announced it will be expanding its data and measurement partnership with Nielsen.

The North American company – best known for its industry-leading system for measuring television ratings – is said to have been vital in ESL’s growth, and increasing the width of the partnership would enable the production of more high-quality data for ESL’s events.

The partnership will be extended by three more years in comparison to the initial partnership agreed upon in 2019. The agreement will see Nielsen track more events for ESL, including broadcasts. Events to be tracked are ESL’s entire mobile esports structure, ESL Pro League (CS:GO), and Dota 2 properties by ESL.

Tobias Vogt, Director of Commercial Operations at ESL Gaming, said that Nielsen’s team was already acquainted with esports data. He also spoke on both entities’ ability to leverage the partnership in innovating the industry.

“Nielsen is a true market leader when it comes to sports research,” Vogt said.

“The long-standing partnership has already provided our business partners with many in-depth insights into and a great deal of standardized reliable data about esports communities, brand activations, and measurable ROI.”

He went further to highlight some benefits of expanding the partnership with Nielsen, as he looks forward to continuous but extensive sharing of knowledge with existing and future partners.

“By expanding this collaboration and including more events, we keep innovating our ecosystems and the wider industry, and we are very excited to continue sharing our extensive knowledge with our existing and future partners,” Vogt said.

The partnership will focus on developing four areas, namely media and sponsor valuation, community and fan analytics, esports viewership measurement, as well as mobile gaming and esports.

Timo Krueger, Commercial Director Esports and Gaming at Nielsen Esports, added that the two firms will work closely to provide the most beneficial data.

“We are proud ESL is trusting Nielsen as the reliable source to evaluate all of their global events,” Krueger stated.

“We are working closely with ESL to understand better their challenges to provide the best and most beneficial data around partner valuation and fan/consumer behaviour in a rapidly developing entertainment industry around the world.”

About Nielsen

Nielsen Holdings PLC (NYSE: NLSN) is a leading global data and analytics company founded in 1923 by Author C. Nielsen. The company provides a detailed and clear understanding of the media industry. 

The company has in its employ over 44,000 workers across 100 countries around the world. Its core offer to clients/partners is centered around audience insights, measurement, outcomes, and predictions.

Nielsen provides pivotal data integral for business decisions. The company aims to the global data space, providing trustworthy data reporting and relentless pursuit of truth. The company’s vision is to give businesses true intelligence through reliable data.

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