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North American esports outfit Dallas Fuel have revealed their complete roster, which includes the signing of two new players — Kim “Bliss” So-myung and Lee “MCD” Jeong-ho.

Bliss is a 17-year-old South Korean support player who started his pro career in mid-2019, when he represented the Gen.G academy roster before transcending to their pro Overwatch team.

In June 2022, Bliss cut ties with Gen.G and got signed by the Korean team O2 Blast. He has garnered approximately $50,820 in total winnings from Overwatch tournaments.

Career highlights for Bliss included being part of the Gen.G outfit that finished second at the 2020 Overwatch Contenders: The Gauntlet Asia. Despite coming close to winning the event, they lost the final 4:1.

Bliss also replicated his commendable gameplay while representing O2 Blast; the team and player bagged a back-to-back first place at the 2022 Overwatch Contenders Summer Series: Korea A-Side and B-Side event, the 2022 Run It Back: Korea, and lastly the Pacific Showdown, which was only played about two weeks ago.

MCD, on the other hand, is a 25-year-old former support player for the North American team Boston Uprising. The player first made his Overwatch debut with Talon Esports in 2018 and since then has played with the likes of Foxes and Element Mystic.

Dallas Fuel’s roster, which recently won the Overwatch League Playoffs, currently includes Tank Choi “Hanbin” Han-been, Kim “SP9RK1E” Yeong-han and Kim “Edison” Tae-hoon.

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