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The Russian professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov will be joining Russian esports outfit BetBoom, according to multiple reports.

The 24-year-old in-game leader started his pro-CS:GO career in 2017, and ever since then, the Russian national has only soared in his quest to become a neck-breaking player in the region. Boombl4 has played for teams such as Elements Pro Gaming, Winstrike Team, Quantum Bellator Fire, and more recently Natus Vincere. Boombl4 has been Natus Vincere since May 2019; hence, he represented the organization for a period of three years.

Natus Vincere moved the CS:GO player to the bench on May 28th of this year. However, this was not due to poor performance from the player, but rather allegations made by Boombl4’s now-divorced wife, Lika “LiQueen” Mikhailova, who accused him of being a drug addict, in support of the Russian invasion. Hence, the organization stated he will be inactive as a result of “high reputational risks for the club.”

At the peak of things, Boombl4 reported he was being blackmailed, and all allegations pinned on him were false. Following how these episodes of allegations took a toll on the player’s career, BetBoom is taking a chance with the former team captain.

Former Navi Vincere player Eugene “Aunkere” Karyat who sparked the rumours of Boombl4’s joining BetBoom said on a stream that : “We could have a composition of Boombl4, me, deko, flamie and Jerry. I think it could be *** [very] strong composition. Deko – *** [very] strong AWP. This has been proven many times in official matches. I would play my roles. On the star player. That would be *** [excellent] because I studied everything on them. Of course, Jerry, Boombl4 and flamie would mix. But it turned out that flamie would be a supporter. We talked to Jerry about this line-up when I went to his housewarming party. He said it was a super good roaster, promising. Jerry and Boombl4 would be captain, depending on the map. It’s a new level.”

Captain of ForZe, Andrey “Jerry” Mekhryakov, released a statement backing Aunkere, in which he noted that the streamer and player was telling the truth about the CS: GO team BetBoom building a roster around Boombl4.

“The information is truthful. It didn’t happen because the roster had role issues that weren’t discussed. BetBoom Team should decide on negotiations and transfer buyouts for this lineup to assemble. But the organization opted to pick OverDrive or hooch, while we had our own coach who would work with us,” Jerry said.

“Would it be like Aunkere described on stream? Most probably, the lineup would be different. Currently, Boobml4 will play in the BetBoom Team.”

Boobml4’s last match before he went inactive was at the 2022 PGL Major Antwerp, which was held on May 22. Boobml4 and Natus Vincere made quite an impressive run by emerging in second place, although they lost to FaZe Clan in a tough match that ended in a 0-2 score. The team made an outstanding run in the previous year, packing a back-to-back first-place streak at the DreamHack Masters’ Spring, Intel Extreme Masters XVI Cologne, ESL Pro League Season 14, PGL Major Stockholm, BLAST Premier: World Final, and a couple of others.

Currently, there’s been no news from the organization on these transfers; however, it is likely that BetBoom will make an official announcement about the acquisition of these players just after the holiday season.

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