CDL esports tips for January 14, 2023
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On January 9, the organizers of the Call of Duty League disclosed details regarding upcoming tournaments. For the new 2020 season, the CDL has introduced a revamped points system that will primarily determine the overall standings of the teams.

CDL Launch Weekend format

The Launch Weekend will kick off on January 24 in Minneapolis. Throughout the regular season 10 CDL Points will be awarded for each victory. The final standings of the league will be decided on the basis of total points accumulated by the teams. The Launch Weekend will last for three days, 12 teams will participate in it and each side will play two matches.

CDL Home Series format

The Home Series Weekend events are set to begin on February 8 in London. Eight teams will compete in these events in a tournament bracket format. The teams will be initially distributed into two groups of four teams each. The League Office will announce the first round of matches by the end of January. In the group stage the teams that win two games will advance to the playoffs. The playoffs will follow the single-elimination format to crown the champion of the Home Series Weekend event. 10 CDL Points will be awarded to the teams for each match victory. Points will also be awarded to the overall winner of the Home Series Weekend event.

CDL Points system

CDL Points will be distributed in the following format at each event:

  • Winner – 50 CDL Points
  • Runner-up – 30 CDL Points
  • Third-fourth place – 20 CDL Points
  • Fifth-sixth place – 10 CDL Points
  • Seventh-eighth place – 0 CDL Points

If there are tiebreakers, then following rules will be used to decide the winner:

  • Overall win percentage
  • Head-to-head game win percentage
  • Head-to-head match win percentage

Road to the CDL Final

The CDL Points accumulated in the regular season will decide the eight sides that make the playoffs. Apart from the eight top teams, four wild cards will also qualify for the next round. The teams in the wild card spots will have to compete in the single-elimination bracket, and only two will move to the playoffs. These survivors will play the third- and fourth-ranked teams of the regular season in a double-elimination bracket. Meanwhile, the first- and second-ranked teams of the regular season will receive first-round byes. The winner of the Call of Duty League Championship will be decided in the grand finale later this year.

$250k CDL Challengers

CDL organizers have also announced the prize pool for the Call of Duty Challengers series. The competition will feature a prize pool of US $250,000, distributed like so:

  • Winner – $80,000
  • Runner-up – $40,000
  • Third place – $25,000
  • Fourth place – $20,000
  • Fifth-sixth place – $12,500
  • Seventh-eighth place – $7,500
  • Ninth-12th place – $6,250
  • 13th-16th place – $5,000

The sides that aim to compete in the CDL Challengers are required to submit their final lineups by January 20 at 6pm EST. Organizers will provide USB devices, consoles, and monitors to the participants.

The schedule for the Challenger’s Launch Weekend is as follows:

Thursday, January 23
6-9pm CST check-in

Friday, January 24
9-12pm CST check-in
1pm CST kickoff

Saturday, January 25
10am CST kickoff

Sunday, January 26
10am CST kickoff


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