Wizzrobe leaves Envy SSB ranks
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By the look of things, Envy will not be bringing all of its players along as the organization transitions to the OpTic Gaming brand name. This is evidenced by the fact that Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett has announced that he is no longer under contract with any team.

Wizzrobe joined Envy in June 2019 and became the first Super Smash Bros. player to ever play for the organization. He made multiple incredible runs at Melee events and is a Smash superstar through and through. 

He won at Smash ‘N’ Splash 5, using the Captain Falcon player which he is mostly known for. Wizzrobe’s victory at Smash ‘N’ Splash 5 made him the first Captain Falcon player to win a Major in a decade.

Wizzrobe stated that he would not be joining OpTic Gaming now that Envy had made the transition to the organization fully. He took to his Twitter account to make the revelation and went on to announce his free agency. He was optimistic about his future and revealed that he is more motivated than ever to compete as he searches for a new organization.

“With Envy now transitioning to OpTic Gaming, I will not be joining them,” Wizzrobe tweeted.

“Although it’s a very sad day for me, I still feel optimistic about my future in competing. Feeling more motivated than ever to grind and compete. With that being said, I am now a F/A looking for a new org.”

As a result of this decision, OpTic is no longer actively involved in the community surrounding the fighting game. Wizzrobe was the only player on the team who played Smash, and the organization has not sponsored anyone who competes in a more traditional space.

In his time spent under the Envy management, Wizzy broke into the top five of the 2019 Melee Panda Global Rankings. He did this by consistently achieving top finishes, the most recent of which was a second-place finish at the Smash World Tour 2021 Melee Finals. He had also secured a previous victory at another Major tournament, which took place at Mainstage 2021.

He is now the only player from the top 10 in that MPGR 2019 ranking who does not have a sponsor, and he instantly becomes the top free agent on the market right now. This is the case despite the fact that he missed the majority of the major events throughout the year 2022 for a variety of reasons, including health complications.

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