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KOI, a well-known esports organisation, from Spain and its parent company Infinite Reality are reportedly facing financial challenges raising concerns about the future of the team.

According to Esportsmaniacos, the organisation is struggling to secure funds for aspects including salaries for content creators and players as well as maintaining their LEC license.

The report suggests that Ibai Llanos, a streamer and co owner of KOI has personally invested three million euros from his own wealth to address the financial difficulties faced by Infinite Reality.

These funds were reportedly used to compensate content creators and players while also covering expenses related to the teams Academy gaming house.

Due to these issues KOIs position in the esports community is at risk.

Despite their participation in the top tier VALORANT League in EMEA and merging with Rogue in 2022 to enter the League of Legends EMEA Championship they have struggled to achieve success.

In the LEC KOI consistently finishes towards the five teams while their performance in VCT EMEA League has been underwhelming with a ninth place finish and a disappointing 2-7 record.

Despite these challenges KOI remains extremely popular globally as an esports team with a fan base, in Spain.

Their dedicated followers have contributed to viewership numbers across leagues throughout this year.

Yet the report released today brings up worries, about the organisations sustainability in the run given the increasing number of esports teams that have shut down recently.

The fate of KOI and its position within the esports industry remains uncertain.

Fans and industry experts will keep an eye, on how the organisation can tackle its financial difficulties and strive for lasting triumph.

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