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In the 2024 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational, T1 delivered a decisive 3-0 victory over G2 Esports in the lower bracket semi-final, continuing their dominance over the European team.

It has been five years since G2 last won a best-of-five series against T1, and this matchup showcased why that streak remains unbroken.

In game one, T1, on the blue side, prioritized Orianna, forming a team composition around ball carriers with Sejuani at the front line.

G2 countered with high single-target burst damage champions like Draven, LeBlanc, and Kha’Zix, and chose Jax to counter Camille in the top lane.

The early game saw lane swaps and an even gold and kill score, but T1 maintained control of the dragon.

The first major skirmish in the mid-game saw Choi “Zeus” Woo-je’s Camille leading the charge, ultimately outlasting G2’s carries and securing crucial kills.

Zeus continued to be pivotal in subsequent fights, targeting the enemy AD carry and helping T1 to a 26-minute victory.

G2 reworked their draft for game two, selecting champions with executes and resets: Draven, Viego, and Urgot, alongside Nautilus for reliable engage.

They aggressively targeted Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok early, burning his flash and securing kills to gain an early lead.

Despite this, T1’s composure allowed them to catch up, with Faker scaling in the side lane.

T1’s strategic prowess shone as they sneaked a Baron past G2, secured the fourth dragon, and dominated the second Baron fight.

Faker’s late-game teleport clinched the game, demonstrating his resilience and determination to win despite early setbacks.

G2 picked Tristana for the mid lane and Braum for support in game three, aiming to kite back and reengage with Ivern’s protection for their AD carries.

T1 responded with a strong mid-jungle duo in Taliyah and Vi, adding Rumble for AOE control.

An early mistake from Zeus gave G2 first blood, forcing T1 into a defensive stance.

The game was a tense back-and-forth until T1 capitalized on Rasmus “Caps” Winther being alone in the mid-lane, using multiple ultimates to secure a critical pick.

With Chemtech Soul, G2 started Baron, but Faker’s timely Weaver’s Wall and Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon’s Baron steal sealed the series.

T1’s clean sweep over G2 Esports ended Europe’s run at the 2024 MSI, reaffirming T1’s adaptability and strength in high-stakes matches.

The reigning LoL World Champions, who previously showed shaky performances, displayed a phenomenal resurgence, upsetting G2’s hopes for a second MSI title.

G2 Esports, coming off an impressive 3-0 victory against Top Esports, were considered favourites by many fans.

Their unconventional picks and strong individual performances, like Caps’ solo kills and Sergen “BrokenBlade” Çelik’s counterplay, were not enough to overcome T1’s strategic depth and team coordination.

T1 now advances to the lower bracket final against Bilibili Gaming, with the winner facing the LCK’s first seed, Gen.G, for the 2024 MSI title.

With this victory, T1 extinguished the last hopes of the Western regions and set their sights on claiming yet another international trophy.

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