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The interactive live streaming service, Twitch will be looking to ban streamers who violate their rules even off the platform. Streamers who spread harmful misinformation on or off the esports streaming service will be booted off the service.

While it is totally a norm for the owners of a platform to restrict, suspend or ban a user who goes against the policies guiding that platform. It is, however, unusual for the owners to do the same to a user when the violation occurs on a different platform, not connected to the particular platform in question.

This policy will have streamers being cautious of their utterances or communications on and off the application. If one is caught wanting, such a user will be banned from using the services of the purple platform. With this policy already being enacted, it is imperative that streamers are aware of this and as such act adequately.

The purple platform’s misconduct policy was updated in March 2022 for all users, streamers, and otherwise. The American live streaming service owned by, Inc., updated its policy to stop the spread and enabling of fake news on its platform.

Being one of the biggest streaming platforms in the world, Twitch has been poised to protect its community and maintain the safety of users on its service. The platform prides itself as a safe place for its streamers to exhibit their talent and build a community while at it.

Twitch Streamer Haz was banned on Twitch for spreading harmful misinformation on a different platform

Twitch streamer, simply known as Haz was recently banned from the platform owing to having spread harmful misinformation off Twitch. The streamer took to his Twitter page to share his predicament. He had received a mail from the live streaming service, informing him of the ban, while disclosing the reason why he was banned.

“Just got banned from twitch, but not for the reason you expect,” Haz said. “It was ‘off twitch services’ which means it was either because of my appearance yesterday on another website. Not sure what I said, will appeal it.”

The ban came as a shock to him and he was unsure how that was possible or even what the malicious information he must have shared was. After a series of brainstorming and researching, the primary streamer on Infrared was able to trace the cause of the ban.

He apparently uncovered that the ban came as a result of a report made by Financial Times reporters after a Tech Transparency Project Report defamed his stream and described it as ‘Kremlin propaganda.”

“BREAKING: The reason for both my and @jacksonhinklle’s ban from @Twitch was because they were contacted by journalists from the @FinancialTimes today after a Tech Transparency Project Report defamed our stream content as Kremlin propaganda.”

Haz was not only the affected streamer, as Jackson Hinkle was also banned from the purple platform. Haz had also revealed that the journalists are coming for his YouTube channel.

“They’re also trying to go after my YouTube too. These journalists are out of control.”

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