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Respawn Entertainment has revealed Apex Legends Season 3 will introduce duo mode, but only for a limited time.

The battle royale title has remained a three-man squad game since its release in February 2019, giving players no other option than to find two more friends to play with or join forces with one or two other Apex players via game’s matchmaking system.

The whole game, including the mechanic of the fights, is designed for three-person squads, who combine their abilities and help out each other with cover fire, heals, and revivals, among other things.

This approach to the gameplay and the idea behind combining three unique heroes has earned Apex Legends a massive following, amassing 70 million registered players as of Wednesday, October 30.

That said, there was an ever-growing demand for Respawn to add alternative game modes, and the developers listened to the community’s desires by adding a solo mode for the second season.

While the addition gained a lot of positive feedback, Respwan stood firm with their decision to offer solo play for a limited time and removed the option after only two weeks.

Despite the constant demand from Apex’s fans for Respawn to re-add the solo mode or create new gameplay options, the developers remained quiet up until this week’s announcement that duo mode will arrive on November 5.

While the release date has been unveiled, Respawn has not yet revealed how long the two-player mode will remain available for.

Duo mode will allow players to queue with a friend or solo, in which case a random player will be added to their squad.

With only two players on the squad, duo mode is said to add some additional flare to the game, where heroes’ abilities and combinations will be far more significant than they were in solo mode.

This will also shake up the meta, just as Wraith or Pathfinder proved to be two of the strongest heroes to use for a solo venture.


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