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Overwatch is celebrating its second anniversary with a special event that introduces a brand new map, Petra.

This map is clearly an excavation site with computers, note pads and equipment scattered around. Hamid Faisal seems to be the responsible of this excavation site with the help of Iannisdis and Al-Hamdan. These are new background characters but Blizzard doesn’t leave loose ends, notes found on the map mention Dr. Nachareon. This is the responsible for the excavation in Ayutthaya, another Overwatch map.

The speculations about the connections between the maps runs deeper. A theory points at the Scientist of Oasis as responsible for these projects. According to this, Moira could be linked up to the excavations sites.

Multiple messages can be found in the computers in Petra. According to the notes, the team found statues of Hera, Athena and Aphrodite, the Greek gods. These figures are a common in the Overwatch universe, the terrorist organization Talon has a Hera figure inside its headquarters. The AI program used by Winston is called Athena.

Petra is located in the Middle Eastern in a mountain. The map was designed with multiple corridors that go underneath the surface and platforms. Also, the jump pads are located so heroes can move around easily. Petra shows Blizzard’s attention to detail, the map include many clues that the fans are discovering. It’s now part of a bigger universe that will keep on growing.

Players can now play in the Petra map in the Deathmatch mode for competitive and regular game play. sign up and claim exclusive esports betting bonuses

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