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This match-up starts on Thursday, January 10, 2019 – 16:00 UTC+8.

BOOM ID is playing its first professional match of the year against OG in group B of The Bucharest Minor.

It has been a period of adjustment for OG after the team parted ways with Pajkatt at the beginning of the year, leading ILTW from Espada Gaming to stand in for position one in this tournament.

iLTW is currently the carry player from Espada Gaming, he is renowned for his game play of Phantom Lancer, Anti-Mage and Invoker in his professional career in Dota 2.


This is not the first time iLTW played with the OG Squad which will given them a sense of familiarity.

OG ,as one of the playoff Invites in WePlay! Dota 2 Winter Madness, started their first match in Quarter Finals against Vega Squadron. After rolling past them OG followed that up with success against NoPangolier in the semifinals before being eliminated by Gambit Esports eliminated OG in the Grand Final.

Looking at the draft of OG played against Vega Squadron and NoPangolier, Topson seemed to be very favor on the hero Razor, OG drafted this hero for Topson the game two against Vega Squadron and also game one against NoPangolier.

In the game two against Vega Squadron, Topson purchased Sange and Yasha, Black King Bar, Assault Cuirass and Solar Crest.

However, in the game one against NoPangolier, Topson showed a totally different build which were Power Threat, Solar Crest, Buckler and Pipe of Insight.

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Both items built were designed to make Razor tankier, and Topson displayed his understanding of the Razor.

Although he was being harassed in the laning phase, however being tank in team fight, he always able to sustain and survive in the team fight. Thanks to Razor’s second ability – Static Link, he always able to absorb up to 224 damage from an enemy.

Topson’s game play of Razor is definitely a problem that BOOM ID have to take care of.

BOOM ID also displayed a good result in their most recent professional matches against Veteran, Alpha Red and Team Revival in World Electronic Sports Games 2018 Southeast Asia Finals.

OG vs BOOM ID prediction

After analysing the drafting abilities and their recent performance professional match-ups, we give OG a 60% chance to win this match-up.

Our recommendation is to go low and bet on OG to win the game at better than -833.33.

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