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Last week, details regarding the alleged new melee bot-laner champion in League of Legends were leaked. The supposed name of the character and its appearance began to surface online.

Riot Games revealed the most recent Champion Roadmap for League of Legends, with snippets of the champions that will be added to Summoner’s Rift later this year. As stated by the creators, Riot will “slow down” the development of a new champion to ensure that each league inclusion will receive “the time and attention they need”.

The game developers stated that the number of champions that will be published during the duration of 2022 will be “quite similar to last year”. Four new champions were added to the game in 2021: Viego, Gwen, Akshan, and Vex.

Zeri and Renata Glasc have been able to entertain players thus far this year.

Ryscu, a content creator, claimed on June 6 that the earlier rumored champion’s name would be Nilah. Likewise, a popular leaker, Big Bad Bear, claimed that the new champion and the predicted new Star Guardian event will appear on the Rift sometime in the next month.

In April, when the developers disclosed their intents as regards the League’s future champions in its Champion Roadmap – which included a radiant but fearsome stranger emerging from a land beyond the waters, supposedly Nilah – they also presented a graphic in a video on YouTube displaying several hands with multiple colors in different positions that could imply various martial arts methods employed by the new character.

Along with this was a short story titled “A Joyous Occasion” that introduced the next champion. In the story, a restaurant owner overheard a cheery laugh just before a “rowdy” Noxians was killed by a stranger, implying that the prospect of the next champion might have powers to use water. 

In the leaks was a graphic of the potential new champion, which showed a girl wielding a whip-like weapon that appeared to be formed of water. Her monk-like costume has a fully armed leg with two sculpted hands, which are similar to the hands seen in Riot’s teaser image. The champion’s monk-like appearance paired with water-bending skills may conjure up images of other fictitious water benders, leaving leeway for curiosity and more speculation about Nilah’s potential qualities.

Riot previews new champions from Bel’Veth to a “non-traditional bot laner” who will be introduced later this year. This unofficial disclosure, however, would fit in perfectly with the previous revelation by Riot Games, combining what was said in the short tale, the video, and what can be surmised from the official picture to create an overall image of the next champion.

A thrilling twist for fans will be an entirely different character, or one with just slim similarities to the teaser. This will blow minds as fans are almost at rest now, presuming they are already aware of what will be. However, the latter part of the year will settle all speculations.

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