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Luca “Luken” Nadotti is now free from all team commitments and contract-based ties from 9z Team. This was revealed by both player and the organization in question, as the release was on mutual agreement.

In a TwitLonger tweet, the player stated that he is open to new opportunities/collaborations and wants to remain competing in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Presently, he is hoping to secure a team in which he can join and serve in a number of roles, including lurker, in-game leader, and AWP. He also mentioned that he can function in any region, including Europe and North America without any limitations. This is primarily because he speaks three languages: Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Taking to his social media, the 25 years old Argentinian player did not reveal much about his departure from the team. Although, he expressed his profound gratitude to his team members, and wished them well in all their endeavors. He also stated that he would share more details about his exit subsequently in a stream.

“I will surely explain more on my stream about my exit and what I am looking for in my future since it is much easier for me to express myself and tell you things in words and not in writing.”

He added that:

“It is important that you know that it was a mutual agreement not to continue playing in 9z, I am very grateful to the guys on the team, they are all great people, great teammates, and good players and I wish them the best in everything they personally propose, that I want so much.”

In January 2022, Luken returned to CS:GO after a two-year absence to join the South American team, 9z as a substitute for the exiting teenage star Santino “try” Rigal. Despite some obvious great performances and successes, he will not be staying with the team.

Regardless of his brief time with the team, Luken qualified for the PGL Antwerp Major Challengers Stage. While in 9z he majorly played AWP and has earned an average of 1.11 rating, with 1.04 impact and 0.58 deaths per round, as the team’s AWPer in 2022, according to HLTV.

Luken is almost certain to find a new team shortly. Several teams, particularly those from South America, reshuffle after each Major Championship in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

9z Team – Argentina’s top-tier esports organization

The Argentinian top-tier esports team, 9z was founded by Francisco ‘Frankkaster’ Postiglione, one of the nation’s most well-known content creators.

Hence, using experience and catering to the demands of players, they have created one of the best player communities in a short amount of time. The squad has over ten years of esports expertise. The ultimate purpose of the 9z Team is to help esports players advance to the next level, through grooming and professional coaching.

Due to its team accomplishments as well as reasonably high-quality production, the 9z Team takes the lead in Argentinian esports. The 9z Tean is most likely going to continue to grow and develop.
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