LPL news 2022 - JD Gaming secure Pro League upper bracket finals spot
by Ciaran Jackman in
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Best Odds: V5 -163.93 at BetOnline | TES +120 at BetOnline
When: April 12, 2022 | 17:45 CST
Watch Live: Lolesports, Twitch

The LoL Pro League is now starting to heat up with only four teams left in the running for the 2022 LPL Spring championship. The first upper bracket series bring us the number one seed out of the regular season, Victory Five, and the number five seed, Top Esports, this coming Tuesday. These two teams will enter the final four of the LPL Spring Playoffs as the two form teams. Victory Five have only lost two series all split and 11 maps for the whole split. Whilst Top Esports have won their last 12 games in a row over the end of the regular season and playoffs.

Victory Five finished the regular season as the number one seed with a 14-2 record, therefore going straight through to the upper bracket final four playoff. Victory Five has had an incredible split so far and they have only lost 11 maps out of their 40 total, winning seven of their 14 wins by in 2-0 sweeps. The one problem that Victory Five may have is that they haven’t played a competitive game in the LPL since the 23rd of March making it more than two weeks of sitting on the side lines waiting for their opponent.

Victory Five have been so good in this split and there is no doubt that their mid-laner and AD carry have been the reasons why. Victory Five’s mid-laner, Song “Rookie” Eui-jin and their AD carry, Ying “Photic” Qi-Shen, have been outstanding throughout the regular season with “Rookie” compiling a 5.7 KDA with a team-high 71% kill participation. Whereas for “Photic”, he recorded the third highest KDA in the entire LPL with a 6.4 KDA. If Victory Five are going to beat Top Esports and progress to the upper bracket final continuing their incredible season, they will need “Rookie” and “Photic” to keep up their own individual performances.

Top Esports are without doubt the red hot team coming into these upper bracket playoffs. They have won 12 straight series coming out of the regular season and through these playoffs so far. They finished the regular season with an 11-5 record and have beaten Bilibili Gaming 3-1 and LNG Esports 3-0 in their two series on their way to the upper bracket. Top Esports were near perfect in their last playoff series against LNG Esports winning the series 3-0 and even winning their second game in only 25 minutes.

As we mentioned in our preview for the Top Esports vs LNG Esports series, Zhuo “Knight” Ding and Yu “JackeyLove” Wen-Bo are the catalyst for Top Esports success. Those two in the mid lane and bottom lane, have been outstanding all split and they were no less than outstanding against LNG Esports. “JackeyLove” finished the three game series with a KDA of 8 and “Knight” finished with a massive 15 KDA. If “Knight” and “JackeyLove” are allowed to control the game and have this much influence for Top Esports, then it will be difficult for Victory Five to beat Top Esports.

Victory Five and Top Esports have the longest game recorded for the 2022 LPL Spring split with one of their games going for 53 minutes in their only series that they have played, where Victory Five won the series 2-1. The over 4.5 maps market is sitting at +162 with BetOnline, which is great value for what looks to be a very tight series.

Over 4.5 total maps

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