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The League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) faced significant disruptions during the T1 vs FearX match due to persistent ping issues caused by DDoS attacks targeting the League of Legends servers in Korea.

Despite efforts to stabilize the network, the second game was postponed, leaving fans surprised and unprepared for the late-night broadcast.

This marked a departure from the usual live gaming experience.

Following the match’s conclusion, the LCK announced a shift to pre-recorded matches for the remainder of the week to mitigate further disruptions.

These DDoS attacks have plagued the Korean gaming community for weeks, impacting solo queue play and professional matches alike.

The incident on February 25, resulting in a seven-hour game between Dplus and DRX, underscored the severity of the situation.

Initially attributed to networking problems, the LCK publicly apologized for the disruption caused by the DDoS attack and acknowledged the inconvenience to fans and players alike.

In response, the LCK conducted network inspections and formulated response measures during the league’s rest days.

Despite these efforts, DDoS attacks persisted, leading to further disruptions, including the interruption of the T1 versus FearX match.

As a result, matches were pre-recorded for the remainder of Week 6, with refunds issued to ticket holders.

The LCK has implemented new response protocols and assured fans of ongoing efforts to deter future attacks.

However, the persistent disruptions highlight the challenges faced by esports leagues in maintaining a stable gaming environment.

Effective measures must be taken to safeguard against future attacks and ensure the integrity of competitive play.

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