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For the first time since its inception, Invictus Games has introduced esports to its annual sporting competition.

The primary purpose of the game is to inspire recovery and rehabilitation for international injured ex-service personnel and veterans through sports. The inaugural competition was held in London in 2014, and the Invictus Gaming Foundation has since made it a point of duty to host these games as often as possible.

Through their official Twitter page, the foundation announced that their esports tent is open, and they will be including esports in this year’s edition. Some of the esport games to be featured include League of Legends, FIFA 2022, Rocket League, Mario Kart, etc.

The esports competition will hold from April 18 to 22 and will have a two-hour live stream daily. Outside of the streaming programs, participants could participate in the competitive section or simply play for fun on PC and consoles.

According to Invictus Games’ official site, the esports activation is delivered by Amsterdam esports initiative H2O Esports Campus. There are prizes available for participants, courtesy of HyperX, HP, Nintendo, and OMEN.

Speaking on the decision to incorporate esports, CEO of Invictus Games Foundation Dominic Reid said:
“We know that the Invictus community of wounded, injured, and sick service personnel and veterans are already gaming regularly, and actively participating within esports competitions. What we are now interested in is understanding how this could be tailored as part of a recovery pathway from injury or illness, to explore the benefits that participation in esports could bring to the community, and unlock innovative ways of facilitating digital connections between the international community.”

H20 Esports Campus CEO Matthijs Vink also said some words following the announcement. He expressed his organization’s interest to be a part of future events – offline and online – to help grow an Invictus Community.

“Gaming and esports are inclusive to everyone across the range of physical abilities. H20 Esports Campus and the Invictus Games Foundation share values in seeing competition as ways to inspire, motivate, and respect one another. H20 Esports Campus is proud to be helping the Invictus Games Foundation to bring esports and active sports together in a pathway to recovery for the international community of wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women. We at H20 look forward to future events both offline and online where we will help grow an online Invictus community where there is a place for fun and competition.”

Invictus Games’ first introduction to esports

Despite holding several games from 2014, Invictus Games only delved into esports in 2020. They partnered with Global Esports Federation to explore incorporating esports to further advance sports recovery, which is a proven method to accelerate and reinforce rehabilitation.

On the partnership, Vice President & Chair, Education, Culture and Wellness Commission, Global Esports Federation Chester King said:

“Esports, as in traditional sport, showcases human competition and has tremendous cognitive, physical, and social benefits. We have seen firsthand the benefits of esports in promoting communications between people, building stronger global communities, and encouraging the connection between people from around the world, wherever they are.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Invictus Games has been unable to hold its annual competition. However, the Hague 2020 is currently ongoing, with most of the sporting events happening around the Invictus Games Park.

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