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Nathan “Crayator” Ryan, an Australian Fortnite streamer, was recently banned by Twitch. StreamerBans broke the news via Twitter. 

The page, which is an automated account that follows up and supplies the ban history of partnered streamers on Twitch, did not give any information concerning the reason for the ban in its Sunday post. The account only revealed that the ban was Crayator’s first and might last only a few days for this reason.

After the news of the ban circulated for a few hours, the Fortnite streamer took to his Twitter to post a parody video about the situation. Instead of talking about the strike in a regular tweet, Crayator assembled a performance based on Death Note, a Japanese manga.

The video was captioned “my time has come” and saw the streamer place the logo of the purple platform on the main character’s face while writing down his name in a notebook. The book was Crayator’s version of the Death Note, the death-dealing notebook in the popular manga. The next scene saw the YouTuber fall into a pool, Crayator’s apparent reaction to his name being written on the notepad.

The Twitch streamer further showed that he was not necessarily bothered by the ban by posting a video asking his followers to join his Discord server to find out the reason for the sudden ban. The post was captioned, “Omg want the reason we are banned?… Join Discord for drama.”
He also posted a screenshot of his ban news on Google, seemingly amused by the outcome, and captioned it, “Look, mumma! I made the news!”

Crayator is popular on Twitch for streaming Fortnite on his account and was previously a member of Click, a YouTube group of content creators. The streamer joined the group in July 2020 along with other YouTubers such as Muselk, Bazza Gazza, and Loserfruit.
The popular YouTubers lived together in the Click House until the group disbanded. Crayator eventually moved out of the house during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Fortnite player continued streaming on his Twitch channel after putting a hold on content creation operations. Crayator is still in contact with Bazza Gazza, whom he shares a house with in Melbourne, Australia. The duo occasionally collaborate on streams.

While Fortnite is not Crayator’s only streaming content, Epic Games’ battle royale is the streamer’s most well-known content. His other games include, but are not limited to, Overwatch and Minecraft. The streamer mostly plays Fortnite for his audience during streams and has been to a number of events like TwitchCon for IRL streams.

The streamer’s ban led to several questions from his fans, including inquiries about when Crayator would be back on his platform and what could have caused the sudden ban. While he is yet to identify what led to it, some fans tried to point out the possible reason for the strike.

One thing that most comments had in common was the notion that the ban would not be long-term because it was Crayator’s first time getting a strike.

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