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Swimstrim, the Legends of Runeterra professional player was recently accused of emotional and sexual abuse. The accuser who happened to be his former girlfriend, Amy (also known as Amwe), alleged that the Twitch streamer has abused her multiple times.

She recounts this in a 43-page document she had uploaded on Google Docs. Amy went on to talk about several stories of sexual abuse and toxic behaviors meted at her by the LoR pro. Thereby revealing personal details of her relationship with Swim and exposing his vices in the process.

The alleged accusation was met with tons of reactions from fans and otherwise on social media. Evil Geniuses having gotten wind of the situation conducted an internal investigation on the allegations made against Swim. Their investigations led the esports organization to put an end to its affiliation with the pro player.

They released a press statement to that effect, severing all ties with the streamer and terminating his employment with the organization.

“Evil Geniuses is aware of allegations made against Swim that go against our brand standards of behavior and values. We take these allegations extremely seriously as we hold all members of Evil Geniuses to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.”

“We have concluded an internal investigation into the conduct alleged and per our investigative process, have made the decision that, effective immediately, Swim is no longer an Evil Geniuses employee.”

Swimtrim reacted to the allegations meted against him and thereafter deleted his tweets

Social media went agog with the news and display of possible evidence suggesting the LoR pro was allegedly abusing his girlfriend. While there was a divide amongst the pile, with a huge amount of commentators calling him out, it was uncertain if Swim was going to respond to the allegations.

In a now-deleted series of tweets, Swim responded to the allegations made against him. He sent out some form of apology whilst asking for leniency, stating that “he is human,” and that “we all are.” While he admits to not being a good friend nor a good boyfriend, he stated that he has never been abusive to his partners in all of his relationships.

“I’m not perfect and I know I haven’t always been the best friend to the people close to me. I haven’t always been as good of a boyfriend as I wish I could have been, but I have never done anything abusive in all my relationships.”

“I never wanted to talk about it like this in the first place and I don’t plan on talking about it again unless I have to, but I really needed to be transparent and not just act like nothing was wrong when it was. I’m just human. We all are.”

In what seemed like a plea to a pack of dogs not to attack a house guest, Swim requested that no one attacks anyone in all of this. He claimed not to know what was going on but went on to say he was sorry and that many people have been hurt by the situation.

“I’m so sorry to everyone involved for not being able to be a better friend. I still don’t know what’s going on, all I know is that many people myself included have been hurt by whatever’s happening. I don’t want ANY of you guys to go after anyone, for ANY part of this.”

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