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The 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT) Masters tournament in Madrid has made history in the world of VALORANT esports, boasting an unprecedented peak viewership of 1.6 million during the grand final clash between Sentinels and Gen.G.

This milestone firmly establishes Masters Madrid as the most-watched VCT Masters-level event to date, setting a new standard for competitive VALORANT.

Throughout the tournament, several blockbuster matchups drew massive viewership numbers, largely due to Sentinels’ participation and their impressive performance.

With star player Tyson ‘TenZ’ Ngo leading the charge, Sentinels emerged as one of the most recognizable brands in VALORANT, contributing to the event’s popularity.

Notably, matchups against renowned esports organizations like LOUD and Karmine Corp further heightened the tournament’s appeal.

LOUD’s showdown with Sentinels became the first to surpass one million peak viewers, followed by Sentinels’ clash with Paper Rex in the lower bracket final, which also achieved remarkable viewership numbers.

Additionally, Sentinels’ victory at Masters Reykjavík 2021 against Fnatic remains one of the most-watched matches in VCT history.

The grand final between Sentinels and Gen.G surpassed peak viewership records previously held by VALORANT Champions events, solidifying Sentinels’ triumphant win as the most-viewed VALORANT event ever.

The nail-biting 3-2 series finale marked Sentinels’ return to glory after a three-year trophy drought, captivating audiences worldwide.

The tournament’s success was further bolstered by the presence of co-streamers and alternative streaming platforms like TikTok, which provided additional avenues for fans to engage with the event.

Tarik, Sentinels’ ambassador and streamer, emerged as the most-watched VALORANT stream during the tournament, adding to the overall viewership figures.

Masters Madrid 2024 showcased some of the finest VALORANT gameplay to date, culminating in an exhilarating grand finals showdown that left fans on the edge of their seats.

With its ground-breaking viewership numbers and thrilling matches, the tournament undoubtedly sets a high standard for the rest of the VCT season.

As the VALORANT esports scene continues to evolve, VCT 2024 promises to be a landmark year for the sport.

In conclusion, VCT Masters Madrid has not only redefined expectations for VALORANT esports but has also paved the way for an exciting and competitive season ahead.

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