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On Saturday, Team Spirit announced a new all-female CS:GO squad consisting of Justina “⁠Tynka⁠” Ducká, Lea “⁠xia⁠” Vagoá, Svetlana “⁠suns1de⁠” Mevlid, Mirte “⁠Moraltis⁠” Horemans, and Jammie “⁠Jammie⁠” Alagozova.

Aleksey “Nevar” Voronov, who was previously a part of 9 Pandas, INVSN, and ENTERPRISE, was announced as the team’s coach. This will be his first time coaching an all-female squad.

Speaking on the new team, Nevar revealed that he did not expect them to produce results instantly. He stated that they would treat the first season like a “trial run” and use it to learn more about each other while developing their skills.

“I am happy to become the coach of the female Team Spirit roster. This is my first experience working specifically with a women’s team, so it is a challenge for me. I should point out straight away that we do not expect instant results,” Nevar said.

“Our first season is more like a trial run: we will work, get to know each other, and develop our best qualities. I believe and see that the girls have great potential; therefore, I feel optimistic and have high expectations for this new challenge in my career.”

This is Spirit’s first time venturing into women’s esports. The organization’s CEO, Nikita “Cheshir” Chukalin, disclosed that signing an all-female CS:GO lineup had been in the works for years but was delayed due to unnamed circumstances.

“Women’s esports is an area that is growing so fast that it cannot wait any longer. After following this sphere for a long time and considering many teams, we finally decided that this particular lineup is currently performing at a good level and can become a part of Team Spirit,” Cheshi said.

Spirit Fe are currently participating in Season 3 of the ESL Impact League, where they have already played two games in Group A – losses to Nigma Galaxy (0-2) and Astralis Fe (1-2). They are slated to debut under their new banner on March 23 in a match against BIG EQUIPA.

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