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Team Falcons stunned the Counter-Strike community with a series of bold roster moves following their disappointing exit from the PGL Major Copenhagen Europe RMR A event.

Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas, previously a cornerstone of the team, has been benched due to underperformance.

This decision, driven by the team’s desire to revamp their line-up for future success, aims to address concerns over performance consistency and role allocation within the squad.

To fill the void left by BOROS, Falcons made a high-profile acquisition, securing the services of Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev on a one-month loan from Natus Vincere.

S1mple, widely regarded as one of the greatest Counter-Strike players of all time, brings immense skill and experience to the team.

His return to competitive play after a hiatus is eagerly anticipated by fans and teammates alike.

S1mple’s arrival marks a significant shift in Falcons’ strategic approach, with the Ukrainian star expressing willingness to adapt his playstyle, potentially transitioning to a rifler role to accommodate the team’s needs.

This flexibility showcases his dedication to maximizing his impact within the game and underscores Falcons’ commitment to optimizing their roster composition.

In addition to the roster changes, Falcons announced the departure of assistant coach Rafael “Feldman” Rodriguez, signalling a broader restructuring effort within the organization.

This move underscores Falcons’ commitment to fostering a cohesive and competitive environment as they strive to overcome recent setbacks and achieve success in upcoming tournaments.

The temporary nature of s1mple’s loan allows Falcons the flexibility to evaluate their roster options ahead of key events such as the ESL Pro League and IEM Dallas.

While the team remains focused on short-term objectives, including the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown, their long-term vision emphasizes sustained excellence and contention for Major titles in late 2024 and beyond.

Overall, Falcons’ decisive actions reflect their proactive approach to roster management and their unwavering dedication to achieving success at the highest levels of competitive Counter-Strike.

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