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The second day of ESL Pro League Season 19 Group C and D was action-packed with blowout wins, near-upsets, and intense matches.

In Group C, MOUZ dominated GamerLegion with a 13-1 victory on Nuke but struggled on their own map pick of Mirage, requiring a 16-12 overtime win to secure a playoff spot in the Counter-Strike tournament.

Team Liquid also secured a playoff spot after a hard-fought 2-0 (22-19, 13-11) victory against Monte.

Despite slow starts on Ancient and Mirage, Liquid managed to close out the series with triple overtime on Ancient and all 24 rounds on Mirage.

The game showcased impressive performances from Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken and Casper ‘cadiaN’ Møller, but Liquid’s shakiness and miscommunication were evident, especially with several team flashes on Mirage.

They face a tough challenge against MOUZ in the upper final, where a direct berth to the quarterfinals is at stake.

In the lower bracket, ENCE struggled, winning Bad News Kangaroos’ Vertigo pick but falling 9-13 on Nuke.

They managed to restore some confidence with a decisive 13-0 win on Anubis, but questions remain about their long-term competitiveness.

FURIA suffered a major upset, losing 0-2 to a makeshift FORZE line-up, including a humiliating 0-13 defeat on Overpass.

Kaike ‘KSCERATO’ Cerato performed well, but FURIA’s struggles, especially with stand-in Kayke ‘kye’ Bertolucci, raise concerns about the team’s direction.

In Group D, BIG narrowly defeated BOSS 2-0 (16-13, 13-10), while Natus Vincere comfortably advanced by defeating FlyQuest 2-0 (13-5, 13-6).

FURIA’s loss means they drop down to the last-chance stage, facing Bad News Kangaroos next.

FURIA’s co-owner expressed frustration and promised solutions after the humiliating defeat, highlighting the team’s determination to bounce back.

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