Spacestation Gaming add Suppressed to Halo roster
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Following the release of Abel “Rammyy” Garcia last week, owing to the team’s struggles with inconsistency, Spacestation Gaming has made a change to its Halo roster with the addition of a player.

The Halo esports franchise announced the signing of Donnie “Suppressed” Lopez from XSET as the replacement for Rammyy. Suppressed was signed as a free agent having been dropped by XSET last month.

His predicament with XSET was unexpected, going by the team’s consistency throughout the season. The team has been a strong contender in every tournament played, proving itself to be in perfect shape with its roster. The team had finished within the top eight spot both at HCS Anaheim and the FaZe Invitational, but their insistence on internal changes saw the team boot Suppressed out of the roster before the HCS Pro Series.

With Suppressed free, Spacestation saw an opening that it couldn’t pass off, following the Rammyy’s dismissal from the roster. With top teams including FaZe Clan, Sentinels, and eUnited unavoidably absent from the tournament, Spacestation was fortunate to place top six. Its top six placement appeared to be a rewarding venture as it was found to be good enough to acquire Suppressed for the foreseeable future of competition.

Suppressed had perceived the result of the tournament to be disappointing and not exactly what was expected. Going forward he was positive, writing it off as teething problems and said a little practice would iron out the issues.

Despite Spacestation’s battles with inconsistencies and failure to rank highly amongst other North American teams. The team made a top-six finish in the HCS Pro Series split two kickoff tournament which was held last week.

It is the franchise’s hope that the addition of Suppressed will see the team succeed in tournaments. It is expected to see an improvement from its poor start into Halo Infinite in the coming weeks.

The release of Rammyy and the signing of Suppressed has not entirely been received well across board as a player has aired his concerns. Spacestation’s Kahari “Kuhlect” Miller has been vocal about his reservations as he took to his Twitter page to air them last week.

He had insinuated that he was not informed about Rammyy being released and described the situation as “SICK”.

“Kinda cringe but whatever, people can just lie, not tell me shit and do whatever they want,” Kuhlect tweeted. “Didn’t even give me any options, SICK!”

The exact same incident that hinged on a lack of communication as regards a roster change saw eUnited’s Spartan and the franchise at loggerheads last month. This, in turn, led to the player putting himself on the bench. While that is not expected to occur with Kuhlect and Spacestation, it is noteworthy.

The new roster of Kuhlect, Aaron “Ace” Elam, Alec “Tylenul” Mumper, and Suppressed promises to be the perfect mix to get Spacestation making its way into the top six in the North American Halo region. The aim: to see the team leave its top eight battles behind them.

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