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The VCT Game Changers Championship 2023 Grand Finals delivered an electrifying clash between fan-favourites Shopify Rebellion from North America and the Brazilian powerhouse Team Liquid Brazil.

Despite their strong international presence, the two VALORANT teams had not faced each other on the stage until this moment, creating high expectations within the community.

Shopify Rebellion entered the tournament with determination, swiftly dispatching their initial opponents and securing a Grand Finals spot after a challenging encounter with G2 Gozen.

However, the finals brought an unexpected twist as Shopify’s in-game leader, Melanie “meL” Capone, tested positive for COVID-19, forcing her to lead the team from off-stage.

On the other side, Team Liquid Brazil embarked on a challenging lower bracket run after an initial setback against G2 Gozen.

Their journey included victories over formidable opponents like Evil Geniuses and BBL Queen, culminating in a revenge win against G2 to set the stage for the Grand Finals.

The Grand Finals commenced with a nail-biting match on Haven, where both teams fought fiercely, leading to a tie in regulation.

Shopify Rebellion seized control in overtime, claiming a 1-0 series lead.

The second map saw a resilient Team Liquid Brazil, rallying back from an 8-4 deficit to secure a 13-11 win, levelling the series at 1-1.

Breeze witnessed a dominant performance from Shopify Rebellion, securing a map point.

However, Team Liquid Brazil answered with a commanding win on Sunset, forcing the series to a climactic final map on Ascent.

The deciding map turned into a fierce battle, with both teams exchanging blows.

The first half ended in a draw, setting the stage for an intense second half.

In a defensive masterclass, meL and her team showcased resilience, not dropping a single round in the second half of Ascent.

Shopify Rebellion emerged victorious, lifting the VCT Game Changers 2023 trophy and completing an emotional redemption for meL and the roster.

The series showcased intense competition, with the final map reflecting the closely contested nature of the tournament.

Shopify Rebellion’s redemption from the previous year was fulfilled, while Team Liquid Brazil’s commendable lower-bracket run demonstrated their resilience.

The stage is set for potential future rivalries, and fans eagerly anticipate the teams’ performances in the 2024 season.

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