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Riot Games has officially inducted Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok into the newly established Hall of Legends, League of Legends’ version of the Hall of Fame.

Announced on January 4, 2024, the Hall of Legends aims to honour the most exceptional players in League’s history.

Faker’s induction is celebrated for his game-changing plays, numerous international and domestic trophies, and his enduring dedication to League of Legends.

“Faker is truly the most iconic and influential figure in League of Legends and esports history,” said John Needham, President of Esports at Riot Games.

“His name is synonymous with excellence in LoL Esports, and he has rightfully earned his place as our very first Hall of Legends inductee.”

Faker’s selection involved a rigorous process where a panel of esports industry veterans and experts from every region evaluated candidates.

The South Korean star will be honored with a trophy and a custom Mercedes-AMG SL 63, his fourth car overall and second Mercedes-Benz.

To celebrate Faker’s induction, Riot Games is launching an in-game event featuring cosmetic items and a dedicated “art piece” that highlights his career milestones.

The event will include an event pass that allows players to earn cosmetics and explore pivotal moments in Faker’s career.

Additionally, leaks have revealed a new Ahri skin dedicated to him, and it’s speculated that the event will launch with patch 14.11, expected on May 29, 2024.

Faker and T1, his LCK team, will receive a percentage of the revenue from the sale of passes and bundles.

Faker’s career achievements are unparalleled: he boasts four World Championship titles, making him the oldest competitor to claim the Summoner’s Cup and the record holder for the most Worlds titles.

Additionally, he has 10 LCK trophies and two Mid-Season Invitational titles.

His contributions to LoL and esports have not only set a high standard for professional players but have also inspired millions globally.

This honour follows Faker’s 2018 induction into ESL’s Esports Hall of Fame, where he won the Special Community Award for his broad appeal and popularity.

Riot Games plans to make the Hall of Legends an annual celebration, continuing to honour the legacy of League of Legends and its greatest stars.

As fans celebrate Faker’s remarkable career, speculation grows about who w

ill be the next inductee into the Hall of Legends.

Riot Games intends to announce the next inductee around the same time next year, making it an anticipated yearly event in the esports calendar.

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