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In a notable development for the Dota 2 competitive circuit, PGL has announced its ambitious plan to host a series of eight tournaments over the span of three years, each boasting a substantial $1 million prize pool.

This announcement comes in the wake of Valve’s decision to reduce its direct involvement in Dota 2 events, creating an opening for third-party organizers like PGL and ESL to shape the future of the esport.

The inaugural tournament, PGL Wallachia, is slated to commence in Bucharest, Romania, from May 10 to May 19, 2024, marking PGL’s return to the forefront of Dota 2 esports.

PGL, a seasoned organizer within the Dota 2 community, aims to reinvigorate the competitive scene with its ambitious tournament schedule.

Beginning with open qualifiers on March 21, 2024, followed by closed qualifiers starting March 25, PGL is setting the stage for intense competition and thrilling matchups.

This move signifies a significant resurgence for PGL, recalling its prominent role in hosting six major tournaments until 2018 and its involvement in DPC leagues until Valve’s decision to discontinue them after TI12.

Before unveiling its extensive tournament roadmap, PGL faced scrutiny over copyright issues with Dota 2 content creators.

However, the organization’s decision to retract its takedown notices, following community backlash, demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a positive relationship with the Dota 2 fanbase.

This strategic pivot underscores PGL’s dedication to laying a solid foundation for its upcoming series of tournaments, ensuring widespread support and engagement from the community.

The announcement of PGL’s tournaments heralds an exciting new chapter in Dota 2 esports.

With two events scheduled for 2024 and three each in 2025 and 2026, fans can anticipate high-stakes competitions featuring the world’s top teams.

As PGL steps up to fill the void left by Valve’s scaled-back involvement, the Dota 2 community eagerly anticipates the dawn of what promises to be a memorable era in esports history.

PGL Dota 2 roadmap for 2024–26

  • Tournament 1 2024: May 10–19
  • Tournament 2 2024: November 15-24
  • Tournament 1 2025: March 6–15
  • Tournament 2 2025: April 18-27
  • Tournament 3 2025: November 7-16
  • Tournament 1 2026: March 6–15
  • Tournament 2 2026: April 17-26
  • Tournament 3 2026: November 6–15

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