Players on the Public Test Realm are already testing the changes on the next patch for Heroes of the Storm, which is scheduled to go live on April 23.

The highlight is the introduction of Deckard, a new hero that is described as an “avid scholar”. The new character boasts several traits that point to a utility hero, including armor and a 50% faster recharge every time he is near an allied hero. Deckard also has healing powers and is capable of slowing and rooting enemy heroes.

The draft lobby was changed too, with base images for the heroes now rendered in 2D graphics. The 3D images led to confusion as it was easy to mistake some heroes for others.

Another change affects the abilities that target enemies. Previously, shooters were granted quest progress for skill shots that travelled through invulnerable targets. This reward system has been removed.

Arcanebet claim your exclusive deposit bonusThe following heroes received changes to their skills: ▪ Cassia, Surge of Light has a 0.25 cooldown. ▪ Sylvanas, Shadow Dagger reveals enemies. ▪ Blaze, can exit Blaze’s Bunker in any direction. ▪ Fenix, basic attack damage after any movement. ▪ Zagara, can exit Nydus Worms in any direction. ▪ Genji, health and health regen increased. Attack damage increased. New skins, announcers and bundles will also be added to the game.

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