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In response to the persistent DDoS attacks plaguing League of Legends broadcasts, the LCK has taken decisive action to safeguard the integrity of its tournaments.

Lee Jeong-hoon, Secretary General of the LCK, revealed that they have implemented an offline game server at LoL Park to mitigate the risks posed by external network vulnerabilities.

Previously reliant on online servers for tournament matches, LCK faced challenges ranging from real-time response management to hardware aging and batch processing of updates.

However, consecutive DDoS attacks prompted a reassessment, leading to the adoption of offline servers to minimize exposure to external threats.

Lee emphasized the importance of short-term measures like offline servers while also hinting at long-term security enhancements.

This move marks a shift from recorded to live broadcasts, albeit without a live audience initially, to ensure smoother operations and swift responses to any unforeseen disruptions.

The community response to this initiative has been mixed, with some applauding the proactive approach to combat DDoS attacks and enhance competitive integrity.

However, concerns linger regarding the transition to offline gameplay and its implications for sponsors and data tracking.

Nonetheless, the introduction of offline servers signals a significant step towards fortifying the LCK against external threats, promising a more stable environment for players and fans alike.

As the league embraces this new chapter, anticipation mounts for its impact on competitive integrity and the overall esports landscape.

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