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Australian esports organization Grayhound Gaming has announced their closure after nearly eight years at the forefront of Oceanic Counter-Strike.

The decision follows the team’s recent setback in failing to qualify for the PGL Copenhagen Major at the Asia RMR.

In a statement on Grayhound’s official X (formerly Twitter) account, it confirmed the end of the organization’s journey, inviting interested parties to contact owner William Gray directly for the acquisition of the squad.

The statement lamented the conclusion of their long-standing dream, acknowledging the support received from Gray and expressing gratitude for the journey.

Captain Christopher “dexter” Nong, who returned to the organization after a stint in Europe, expressed appreciation for Gray’s support and confirmed the team’s intention to stick together.

Despite the closure, they hold qualification spots for upcoming events like IEM Chengdu, IEM Dallas, and ESL Pro League.

However, they are actively seeking a new organization to represent.

Grayhound Gaming began their operations in 2017 by acquiring Team Immunity after their departure from CS:GO.

Over the years, Grayhound became a prominent figure in Australian Counter-Strike, participating in five CS:GO majors and numerous tier-one events.

The organization served as a platform for Oceanic talent, facilitating their transition to higher levels of competition.

Although Grayhound briefly paused their operations in 2019 after the roster was acquired by Renegades, it made a comeback in 2022 after the dissolution of Order.

The closure of Grayhound Gaming marks the end of an era in Australian Counter-Strike, leaving a sombre mood in the Oceanic esports community.

Despite their dominance within the region, their unexpected defeat at the PGL Copenhagen Major Asia RMR dealt a significant blow.

With the absence of Major attendance and the associated financial support, continuing operations became unsustainable.

The former Grayhound roster will continue competing domestically until their next international event, IEM Chengdu, commences in early April.

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