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THERE’S trouble coming for G2 Esports – the giants of the League of Legends European Championship.

According to multiple reports coming out of the industry in the last 24 hours, multiple teams within the LEC are about to file formal complaints centred on roster and contract tampering with the popular franchise.

The man at the centre of the controversy is Luka ‘Perkz’ Perkovic, the star of G2.

According the the report from VPEsports, Perkz has been in contact with players under contract, engineering transfers for his preferred recruiting targets over the last three years.

The report said that Perkz has control over his team’s roster and will often initiate communication himself, rather than the team’s management.

Riot Games will have to field the complaints and investigate the issue, following hard evidence, such as chat logs and testimony from the players in question, who have explained the history of their transfer to and from G2.

Former G2 players that have been named in the report and will form part of the investigation include, Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningsen, Alfonso ‘Mithy’ Aguirre, Andrei ‘Odoamne’ Pascu, Kim ‘Wadid’ Bae-in, Petter ‘Hjarnan’ Freychuss, and Elias ‘Upset’ Lipp.

Responding to the controversy, G2 Esports has said publicly: “No, Perkz has never contacted players under contract with other teams on the behalf of G2.”

Should he be proven guilty, Perkz and G2 Esports could face a suspension of between 3-15 months.

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