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T1’s midlaner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok has attained a huge milestone of 500 wins, making him the first player in the entire region to reach the mark. He clinched his 500th win at the League of Legends Champions Korea 2022 Summer Split in T1’s first outing of week 4 against Gen.G. This achievement adds to Faker’s already illustrious career in the esports scene.

Attaining the 500th win mark has proven Faker’s consistency and why he’s arguably the best player in the history of the game. Despite a few sloppy plays early on in the split, T1 has over time been performing at the highest level.

His journey in the esports scene has been nothing short of inspirational and worthy of emulation, as he continues to rise above challenges. With three worlds, two Mid-Season Invitationals, and ten LCK titles, Faker is LoL royalty.

Faker’s milestone holds more value considering that the LCK prides itself as one of the most competitive esports leagues in the world. But he has managed to stand out and remain relevant amongst the rest.

He has over time remained true to his style of play and has constantly grown and developed within the esports community. While he has always been that skilled midlaner, who would triumph over his opponent using sheer skill. He has since become a leader who creates pathways for his teammates, giving youngsters room to follow.

Faker’s amazing gameplay was witnessed in the game against Gen.G, giving himself the best chances of going one win more. During the game, Faker’s Lissandra dominated the game, becoming the reason why his team claimed the win.

He bested Chovy in the midlane and made some clutch plays to give his team the advantage, such as roaming the map continuously in a bid to foster pressure and the smiting of the baron just in time. His high level of awareness has been an edge over his peers. While this milestone is one to celebrate, he surely will be more massive achievements in his legacy.

T1 triumphs over Gen.G, giving them their first loss

In a best-of-three display, T1 defeats Gen.G after seeing its winning streak ended by Freecs at the end of June. The win was another first for the 26-year old and his team as they gave Gen.G its first loss of the summer split.

Prior to their outing against T1, Gen.G had won all six games played against KT Rolster, Hanwha Life Esports, Damwon, Brion Blade, NS Redforce, and Freecs. The win added an extra twist to the LCK standings, leaving both teams tied at the top spot with a 6-1 record.

Despite T1 having the advantage over Gen.G in all head-to-head matches engaged in this year. Gen.G was the favorite to win with a $1.72 moneyline odds against T1’s $2.00 with the top esport betting sites, owing to their winning streak.

Gen.G got the better of T1 in the first map with 9 kills, and 4 Dragons recovered as opposed to T1’s 3 kills. Gen.G also collected about 12,000 gold more than T1. The second map took a different turn as T1 forced the third map by securing the win with 13 kills against Gen.G’s 8 kills.

T1 closed out the game in the third map, giving Gen.G a dose of their own medicine. Having handed Gen.G its first defeat in the tournament, T1’s win got the franchise to share the top spot with the next outings, becoming a defining moment for both teams. T1 will be taking on bottom-placed Brion Blade in the next outing, while Gen.G will go up against fourth-placed DRX.
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