Zywoo signs new contract with Team Vitality
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Team Vitality’s star Counter-Strike player, Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut, has extended his contract with the French organization until the end of 2026, marking a significant commitment from both parties.

To commemorate this occasion, Vitality organized a special event at the Eiffel Tower, where ZywOo will be honored as the ‘King of CS’ and seated on a throne inspired by Game of Thrones, crafted from in-game weapons.

ZywOo’s journey with Vitality began in 2018, anchoring the organization’s first CS:GO team.

Since then, he has emerged as one of the franchise’s greatest players, boasting an impressive array of achievements, including 18 MVP medals, multiple HLTV Top 20 appearances, and numerous Big Event titles, including a Major victory.

Expressing his loyalty to Vitality, ZywOo emphasized the familial bond he shares with the organization.

He credited the team’s cohesion and success as the driving factors behind his decision to stay, dismissing any thoughts of joining another team.

Negotiations for the contract extension took several months, reflecting the significance of ZywOo’s status as one of the game’s best players.

While specific details of the contract were not disclosed, Vitality’s executive president, Fabien “Neo” Devide, hinted at its substantial nature, possibly making it one of the most lucrative deals in Counter-Strike history.

Looking ahead, Vitality aims to further integrate ZywOo into leadership roles within the team, envisioning him as a mentor for future generations of players.

This strategic approach aligns with their ambition to secure additional Major titles and solidify ZywOo’s legacy as one of the game’s all-time greats.

In a conversation with Team Vitality’s CEO and owner, it became evident that ZywOo’s continued presence aligns with the organization’s broader strategy of nurturing talent and fostering a sense of belonging.

Both parties are committed to building a long-lasting partnership, with Vitality aiming to support ZywOo’s growth and success for years to come.

ZywOo himself remains focused on the present, eschewing grandiose ambitions in favour of day-to-day improvement and dedication to the game.

Despite the pressures that come with his status, he remains grounded and committed to delivering his best performance in every match.

As Vitality embarks on the next chapter of their journey with ZywOo at the helm, their collective goal remains clear: to continue striving for excellence and cementing their place in Counter-Strike history.

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