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THE FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic is one of the most hotly contested tournament’s surrounding the insanely popular survival game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground. Most esports betting sites will have odds for the PUBG Global Summit, with betting on this event, to be played in London in April, common right across the globe. Global Summit betting can be done both pre-event and after it is underway. This article will teach you everything you need to know about betting on the PUBG Global Summit.

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FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic Overview

One of the most prestigious tournaments in the competitive landscape of PUBG is the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic. The competition hosts the best teams in the world, which square off for the fight to become the No.1 team in the world. In the last tournament, 24 teams competed in the main event held at the ExCeL, London. FACEIT has been a vital element to the success of PUBG as a professional gaming title. Since the organizer partnered with the developer to host online tournaments at the start of 2019.

Key facts about the PUBG Classic

  • Prize Money

    The developers of the battle royale title are generous when it comes to distributing money. The prize pool of the 2019 tournament was $400,000 which was distributed amongst the top 12 teams of the tournament. The winner of the tournament, OP Gaming Rangers was awarded $150,000.

  • Dates & Tickets

    The tournament was held in April 2019. The group stage took place 16th to 18th, the elimination phase was held on 19th and the grand final from 20th to 21st. The 2020 event will likely be held in the same month. The main event was held at the ExCeL, the tickets had decent prices which ranged between £6 to £24.

PUBG Tournament Structure

PUBG Global Summit is played in 4 different phases.

  • Phase 1 – qualifiers

    As usual, the first phases are the qualifiers. It hosts some of the best teams from each region 24 teams compete for supremacy with only the top three regions getting a chance to compete in the PUBG Global Championships held at the end of the year.

  • Phase 2 – Group Stage

    After the qualifiers, we have the group stage of the PUBG Classic, where the best teams compete with each other in the best of six format. After the end of all matches, the final scores determine the placement of the teams. Out of the 24 competing teams, the top eight move safely to the grand finals. Meanwhile, the teams placed 9th to 24th have to try their luck in the elimination phase.

  • Phase 3 – Elimination Stage

    The elimination phase is the last chance for the bottom 16 teams to compete in the grand finals. Just like in the group stages, teams compete in the best of six format. At the end of the matches, the final placements are determined by summing up the points in both the group stage and elimination stage. Out of the 16, only eight teams move to compete in the grand finale along with the winners of the group stage.

  • Phase 4 – Grand Finale

    Unlike the grand finale of other eSports titles, in PUBG Global Summit the final series lasts for two days. The 16 teams compete for supremacy over 12 matches. The top 3 regions will qualify for the Global Championships.

Global Summit Tournament History

The competitive background of the Global Summit is not that rich since the first edition was held this year. The event was successful and it is fair to say that it fully delivered on the expectations of the fans. It became one of the most impressive events of 2019. It was also the perfect build-up to the Global Championships. The world is looking forward to the 2020 event that is likely to take place at the same time next year.

2019 PUBG Global Summit Results

OP Gaming Rangers took first place at the FACEIT Global Summit: PUBG Classic following the grand finals. The team from South Korea scored 101 points out of which 58 were frags. Following the results of the first stage, OP Gaming Rangers took 19th place and continued the struggle in the Elimination stage. The side barely made it to the grand finals but then showed the world what they are capable of. The Koreans became the first team to win the first major event in the new PUBG pro circuit.

OP Rangers won the 2019 PUBG Global Summit

Meanwhile, In November, Korean Gen.G Esports became the champion of the PUBG Global Championship 2019. For the victory, the team from South Korea received $2 million. Four Asian teams entered the top 5 of the PUBG Global Championship 2019.

The victory of the Koreans marks the end of the 2019 PUBG Esports season. It was an exciting year since teams from around the world have had their fair share of victories but in the end, Asians reigned supreme. Throughout the season, teams from different parts of the world practically did not meet each other.

Since each region has its own league, it was extremely difficult to study the playing style of new opponents like landing points, and other important aspects. It was evident that during the tournament, the teams had to predict the actions of opponents and were forced to adapt to their playing style. At the end of the day, Asians executed this strategy to perfection.

The developers did a great job of boosting the prize money to more than $6 million for the Global Championship. They initially invested $ 2 million and then introduced a crowdfunding system. The developers released items and sets under the brand name PGC 2019, half of which went to prize money which grew to $6 million.

2020 PUBG Global Summit

On 11 December, PUBG Corporation Studio reported that in 2020, the international series of matches PUBG, PUBG Global Series (PGS) will be introduced to the competitive scene. In total, four tournaments in the largest cities of the world will be held in April, July, October, and November as part of the PUBG Global Series.

Thirty-two participants will compete in each tournament, and the prize pool will grow due to the crowdfunding system. The final and the fourth championship of the season will be the PUBG Global Championship.

The first tournament of the series will be held in April in Berlin, and qualifiers will begin in February. The top 4 teams of the PUBG Global Championship 2019 will receive invitations to the first championship of the season, and the remaining 28 participants will be determined through open qualifiers.

How to bet on the PUBG Classic

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Betting on the PUBG Classic is a straight-forward process and mirrors the process of betting on other sports events. The first step to successful PUBG Global Summit betting is to find an esports betting site that accepts players from United States. always recommends betting with regulated and legal betting sites in your country if you can, although there are many betting sites that don’t have regulation in countries but are perfectly safe and have good reputations among the esports industry.

PUBG Classic betting is unlikely to be available until there is some exposed form in the new season, which simply means that the preseason or matches are underway to gauge the levels of the new teams. It’s likely there will be several different bet types available for the PUBG G Global Summit, with these including the overall winner and head to head betting options.

The overall winner betting on the PUBG Classic will surround team names, and may look like $4.00 or $31, depending on how much money has been put forward on the specific team. For instance if all the money being bet on the PubG Global Summit was being bet on one team, their odds would shorten and other players’ prices would lengthen.

Global Summit head to head betting is on each match, with it simply giving you the opportunity to bet on who you will think will win the round. Often it’s the early rounds where you will find matches that tickle your fancy as a punter. You may spotted an upcoming star of PUBG in an earlier qualifying round and backed them at long odds to beat their first-round, much more highly-rated, opponent.

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