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NRG has made significant changes to their Counter-Strike 2 roster, aiming to revitalize their competitive standing.

The team has announced the signing of Colby “Walco” Walsh, formerly of Party Astronauts, as their new in-game leader.

This move confirms an earlier report by and marks a pivotal shift in leadership, with Walco taking over from Damian “daps” Steele, who has transitioned to a coaching role within the organization.

Walco’s arrival sees him reunite with Jadan “HexT” Postma, his former teammate from RBG, Carpe Diem, and Evil Geniuses.

The Canadian captain brings with him a promising track record, notably outperforming NRG in qualifiers for ESL Challenger Melbourne and showing resilience against top teams like Team Liquid in the IEM Dallas open qualifier.

These changes come on the heels of disappointing results for NRG since their roster formation in November.

The team struggled in online qualifier campaigns in North America and failed to secure a spot in the PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR.

Despite a second chance at the RMR event due to another team’s withdrawal, NRG’s performance in Monterrey was lackluster, resulting in an early exit.

In a statement to, daps revealed the challenges NRG faced in recruiting multiple players from Evil Geniuses when the roster was initially formed.

With ESL Challenger League and RMR qualifiers approaching, daps took on the in-game leader role, acknowledging the gap between his current abilities and his past performance.

Additionally, NRG has announced the departure of Justin “FaNg” Coakley from the team, continuing their restructuring efforts.

FaNg, who joined NRG after being benched by Complexity, contributed decently to the team’s performance but ultimately became part of the roster overhaul as NRG seeks to rebuild and regain competitiveness.

These changes signify a new chapter for NRG as they aim to reshape their roster and reclaim their position among the top teams in Counter-Strike.

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