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In the latest rounds of the PGL Major Copenhagen Americas RMR, we witnessed intense elimination matches that determined the fate of several teams.

After their records fell to 0-2, NRG, BESTIA, Nouns and Elevate were all eliminated, and they will have to wait a little longer for a Counter-Strike Major berth.

MIBR faced off against NRG in a showdown that saw MIBR asserting dominance from the get-go.

NRG’s choice of Inferno backfired as MIBR swept through them with ease, securing a convincing 13-2 victory.

Despite NRG’s efforts to rally on Anubis, MIBR ultimately triumphed 16-13, securing their spot in the next stage of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Wildcard clashed with BESTIA in a fierce battle on Mirage, with Wildcard emerging victorious with a 13-9 score line.

The tides turned even more in Wildcard’s favour on BESTIA’s pick of Anubis, with Wildcard clinching the win at 13-4.

Legacy and ODDIK also had their moments of glory, with Legacy defeating Nouns 2-1 (9-13, 13-4, 13-7) and ODDIK surpassing Elevate 2-1 (13-11, 10-13, 13-10).

Legacy’s stellar performance on Overpass secured them a decisive victory over Nouns, while ODDIK, led by the impressive play of João “⁠matios⁠” Guedes, secured a hard-fought win over Elevate in a three-map series.

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