GSL R016 results 2018
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The GSL Round of 16 Group C matches threw up one magnificent highlight, Classic defeating Gumiho 2-1 in Neon Violet Square.

In the first game of Group C, played on February 21, GuMi opened up with mech against protoss, which is basically unheard of, but fitting for the legendary player nicknamed “the build master” for the wide variety of play styles he employs.

He killed a few probes with a hellion run by early on, whereas Classic tried some stalker/adept pressure but was unable to break GuMiho’s defences after some nifty widow mine micro and the timely arrival of a couple of cyclones. GuMiho actually managed to get his third CC out before Classic could take his third base, so he ended the early game with a modest economic advantage.

As the players entered the middle game, GuMiho moved out and Classic’s army met his in the middle of the map. At this point, Classic’s composition was mostly zealots, with some stalkers, and a single immortal. Gumiho for his part had a mix of tanks, hellions, cyclones, and liberators with one raven for detection and anti-armour missiles. Classic tried to catch GuMiho in the middle of the map near the neo violet squares, and while he traded out effectively, GuMiho did eventually win the fight.

Meanwhile, Classic had teched up to fleet beacon with triple starport, but unfortunately he never really had the time or the money to start carrier production. In a neat little mind game, the Protoss player did fake a carrier at one point, after GuMiho scanned him, with the hopes of tricking his Terran opponent into an inferior tech composition. This legerdemain ultimately proved to be in vain, as GuMiho eventually managed to push through to Classic’s fourth base. When the two armies collided, GuMiho scored an incredible hit with his raven’s anti-armour missile and Classic’s forces melted under the weight of GuMiho’s mechanical onslaught. With a twenty to one hundred army supply deficit, Classic was immediately overwhelmed and had no choice but to surrender.

Classic won both of his Bo3s and was the first player through to the Ro8, while Maru defeated Gumiho in an incredibly close series, that came down to a rubber match with both players floating their buildings to the center of the map after a base trade, to take the second spot.

Gumiho and Dear are both out of the tournament.

Group C results

1 Classic 2-0 4-1
2 Maru 2-1 4-2
3 Gumiho 1-2 3-5
4 Dear 0-2 1-4

Group C Matches

GuMiho 1 2 Classic
Dear 0 2 Maru
Classic 2 0 Maru
GuMiho 2 1 Dear
Maru 2 0 GuMiho


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