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ENCE’s triumphant 2-0 (13-6, 13-9) victory over Astralis in the play-in matches for the PGL Major Copenhagen showcased their exceptional prowess on both Vertigo and Ancient, securing them a spot in the prestigious event.

Led by four-time Major winner Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander, ENCE’s core displayed remarkable coordination and strategy, leaving Astralis reeling and facing the prospect of missing out on their third consecutive Counter-Strike Major.

The match began with ENCE dominating on Vertigo, a map that has proven challenging for Astralis in recent encounters.

ENCE executed a clear game plan, exploiting weaknesses in Astralis’ defense and securing a convincing lead early on.

Despite Astralis’ efforts to rally, including some individual brilliance, they were unable to stem ENCE’s momentum, ultimately succumbing to a decisive defeat.

On Ancient, Astralis aimed for redemption, but ENCE continued their dominance, capitalizing on their strong start and maintaining control throughout the match.

Despite some glimpses of hope for Astralis, including a lead at one point, ENCE’s resilience and strategic plays proved too much to overcome.

With a well-executed B rush towards the end, ENCE secured their victory and their place at the Major in Copenhagen.

Meanwhile, ECSTATIC, led by Patrick “Patti” Larsen, fought their way to a 2-1 (3-13, 13-9, 13-5) victory against Guild Eagles in a hard-fought battle.

Despite a setback on Ancient, ECSTATIC rallied on Inferno and Overpass, demonstrating resilience and composure under pressure.

With key plays from players like Magnus “Nodios” Olsen, ECSTATIC secured their berth at the Major, while Guild Eagles faced relegation to the last-chance qualifier.

Heroic also emerged victorious, overcoming GamerLegion in a decisive 2-0 (13-5, 13-9) victory.

Despite initial doubts surrounding their lineup, Heroic showcased their potential with impressive wins over top teams.

Led by René “TeSeS” Madsen and Rasmus “sjuush” Beck, Heroic’s determination and skill earned them a coveted spot at the Major, while GamerLegion faced the prospect of competing in the last-chance qualifier.

Astralis, GamerLegion and Guild Eagles will join BetBoom Team, 9 Pandas and Fnatic in the Europe last-chance qualifier, where the six squads will battle for one Major spot.

Last-Chance Qualifier round one matches

  • 9 Pandas (+200) vs Astralis (-277.78) @ 1pm EET
  • BetBoom Team (-138.89) vs Guild Eagles (+100) @ 4pm EET
  • Fnatic (+100) vs GamerLegion (-138.89) @ 7pm EET

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