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As the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2024 approaches the bracket stage, four teams have qualified through the starting play-in stage.

Among them is Fnatic, who faced challenges in the upper bracket final but managed to secure a confident victory against GAM Esports in the lower bracket semi-final.

Fnatic’s journey at MSI 2024 showcased their ability to adapt and learn from their opponents’ mistakes.

In their match against GAM Esports, Fnatic demonstrated methodical gameplay, avoiding mistakes and gaining a strong advantage, ultimately securing their place in the bracket stage.

However, in the upper bracket final against Top Esports, Fnatic faced a setback in the first game but rallied in the second game with a display of momentum and dominance.

Despite their efforts, they couldn’t maintain that level in the decisive third game, allowing Top Esports to advance to the main event through the upper bracket.

In the lower bracket final rematch against GAM Esports, Fnatic faced a different challenge.

GAM Esports, buoyed by their victory over LOUD, displayed formidable team fights and strategic prowess.

Fnatic, however, learned from LOUD’s mistakes, controlling their aggressive tendencies and returning to a methodical yet offensive playstyle to secure victory and ensure both LEC teams advance to the bracket stage.

Meanwhile, PSG Talon delivered an impressive performance, eliminating FlyQuest to secure their place in the bracket stage.

In a rematch from the Play-Ins stage, PSG Talon dominated FlyQuest with strategic precision and relentless aggression, showcasing their strength as a minor region team.

With PSG Talon and Fnatic advancing to the bracket stage, the stage is set for high-stakes showdowns at MSI 2024.

Fnatic’s first challenge will be against Gen.G Esports from Korea, promising an intense battle between regions.

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