Fifa Team of the year

The 2022 FIFA Team of the Year Cup has been cancelled, because of covid and logistical problems. will update this page when further announcements are made about the 2023 edition.

The FIFA Team of the Year Cup is one of the tournaments that make up the FIFA Global Series. The offline event is organized by Electronic Arts (EA) and is played exclusively on the PlayStation 5 console using FIFA 22.

The tournament features a $500,000 prize pool, with the winning team slated to walk away with one-fifth of the prize money, $100,000. The tier 1 tournament sees 32 top teams compete for a chance to become the champion and also garner points.

FIFA Team of the Year Cup betting is available on top esports betting sites. We will take you through all you need to know about the tournament to aid you in making your betting decisions.

FIFA Team of the Year teams

The FIFA Team of the Year tournament hosts 32 top teams from across the world. 16 teams are selected from open qualifiers and the remaining 16 teams are invited to compete.

Invited TOTY Cup Teams:

AFC Ajax Esports

  • 1 Dani “Dani” Hagebeuk
  • 2 Levy “Levy” Frederique

Atlanta United FC

  • 1 Paulo “Paulo Neto” Neto
  • 2 Vinícius “Vini” Leiva Tonetto

Blue United

  • 1 Sho “Agu” Nakashima
  • 2 Shota “Tsakt” Sato

Complexity Gaming

  • 1 Joksan “Joksan” Redona
  • 2 Max “MaXe vip” Popov

DUX Gaming

  • 1 Jaime “Gravesen” Álvarez
  • 2 Daniel “DanielAguilar” Aguilar

Excel Esports

  • 1 Spencer “Gorilla” Ealing
  • 2 Thomas “Tom” Leese


  • 1 Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt
  • 2 Diogo “Diogo” Mendes

Guild Esports

  • 1 Niklas “NRaseck” Raseck
  • 2 Nicolas “nicolas99fc” Villalba

Inter Esports

  • 1 Pedro “Resende” Henrique Soares
  • 2 Victor “Tore” Dos Santos Coelho


  • 1 Daniele “Prinsipe” Paolucci
  • 2 Cosimo “Guarnieri” Guarnieri


  • 1 Dylan “DullenMIKE” Neuhausen
  • 2 Hensoo


  • 1 Felipe “Felipe I5I” Leite
  • 2 Vinícius “Rampazzo” Rampazzo

Team Falcons

  • 1 Mossad “Msdossary” Aldossary
  • 2 Ivan “night_watch” Churov


  • 1 Jamie “Jamodo” O’Doherty
  • 2 Mark “Marko” Brijeski

Team Heretics

  • 1 Matías “Matias” Bonanno
  • 2 Alejandro “H1dalgo” Hidalgo


  • 1 Olle “Ollelito” Arbin
  • 2 Levi “LevideWeerd” de Weerd

Qualified Teams

01 Esports

  • 1 Abo Fawzi
  • 2 Juba

Case Esports

  • 1 NachoAbella
  • 2 Jrg15

Dire Wolves

  • 1 Mike “MikeJ” Jameson
  • 2 Mark “Marrkk11” Zakhary

Goliath Gaming

  • 1 Kaylan “Kaylan” Moodley
  • 2 Julio “Beast” Bianchi

Houston Dynamo

  • 1 George “G_Adamou” Adamou
  • 2 Martin “RemiMartinn” Oregel

Kawasaki Frontale

  • 1 Jun “Jay” Tanoiri
  • 2 Japan youxme

KRÜ Esports

  • 1 Yago “Yago” Gabriel Fawaz
  • 2 Valentín “Valen” Mazzalupo

Levante UD

  • 1 Corentin “Maestro” Thuillier
  • 2 Curtis “Paps” Poole

Loux x Josue

  • 1 Alix “Loux11” Largerie
  • 2 America845

M42 Esports

  • 1 krusher_7
  • 2 Charanjot “Charanjot” Singh

MGCF eSports

  • 1 Felipe “Barreto” Barreto Pregnolatto
  • 2 Gabriel “Crepaldi” Crepaldi

  • 1 Oliver “OliBoli7” Uttgren
  • 2 Mattias “OpTolle” Tolinsson


  • 1 Naseem “NEissaT14” Eissat
  • 2 Yuval “YuvalBeli” Blizovsky

RF eSports

  • 1 Honduras iZsKills
  • 2 Panama Albertss

Timbers Esports

  • 1 RapidBunny
  • 2 DivineCS7

UT7 eSports

  • 1 Danilo “Danipitbull” Pinto
  • 2 Italy FabioRabi

FIFA Team of the year tournament structure

fifa totyThe FIFA Team of the Year features 32 teams competing for a large chunk of the $500,000 USD prize money. 16 of the teams get invited as FGS Masters teams and the other 16 teams will be selected from the Global Series Open.

The tournament takes on a 2v2 mode format with all 32 participants shared into 8 groups and the top two seed of the groups advance to the playoffs winners bracket. The third seed team, on the other hand, will make their way to the loser bracket.

The losers in round one of the winners bracket will go up against teams in the loser bracket. The top two teams from each bracket will compete for the $100,000 prize money and both teams will secure spots at the FIFAe Club World Cup.

FIFA eWorld Cup Prize Pool

Place Prize
1st $100,000
2nd $70,000
3rd $50,000
4th $30,000
5th-6th $25,000
7th-8th $20,000
9-12th $15,000
13-16th $10,000
17-24th $5,000
25th-32nd $2,500

The last edition of the tournament was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and all 32 teams received an equal share of the prize money. Each team was given a token of $15,625.

FIFA Team of the Year Cup betting

The FIFA Team of the Year Cup, being one of the various tournaments that make up the FIFA Global Series, is a highly competitive event. The tournament will look to commence for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic.

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FIFA Team of the Year Cup odds

There are various betting markets available for the FIFA Team of the Year Cup. The offering may differ across different sportsbooks. While that differs, the betting odds are often the same or slightly different.

The odds for the FIFA Team of the Year Cup are currently unavailable. As soon as they go live on esports betting sites, they will be updated.

What is the FIFA Global Series?

The FIFA Global Series hosts thousands of teams across different regions around the world. Competing teams and players will garner points from their tournament journey, which kicks off with FUT Rivals and extends through to the Global Series Playoffs.

The FIFA Global Series are EA-sponsored events that consist of several online and offline tournaments all year long. Although the last year’s competitions were canceled owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is, however, expected to be held in the near future.

Outlined below are various tournaments of the FIFA Global Series:

  • FUT Division Rivals
  • Global Series Online Regional Qualifiers
  • Global Series Open
  • Team of the Year Cup
  • Team of the Season Cup
  • Partner League Events
  • Global Series Playoffs

The teams that triumph at the close of these tournaments will gain direct entry to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2022. FIFAe World Cup is the final competition of the season and is reflected in its prize money and the audience it garners.

FIFA Team of the Year past winners

All 32 teams that qualified for the Team of the Year 2022 had their qualifications transferred to the Team of the Season Cup. The tournament was held in April 2022, and Team Heretics finished the tournament as winners.

Apart from being $100,000 richer, the franchise got a direct entry to the FIFAe Club World Club alongside Dire Wolves, as the first and second seed teams in the tournament.