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Vitality secured their spot as the first semi-finalists of PGL Major Copenhagen by outplaying Cloud9 in a two-map series.

Their victory was marked by a pivotal moment when they defeated Cloud9 in a crucial anti-eco round on Inferno, ultimately securing a 13-8 win on that map and a dominant 13-2 victory on Anubis.

Shahar “flameZ” Shushan, in his first Counter-Strike Major playoffs appearance, showcased his prowess by leading Vitality with an impressive 1.59 average rating across the series.

Reflecting on the match, flameZ noted the shift in energy from the group stage, attributing their success to renewed vigour and familiarity with the arena.

Cloud9’s decision to pick Anubis, one of Vitality’s strong maps, raised eyebrows among analysts, especially considering Vitality’s choice of Inferno.

Despite a strong start from Cloud9, Vitality’s resilience, bolstered by standout performances from players like Lotan “Spinx” Giladi, allowed them to seize control and secure the win.

On the other side of the bracket, FaZe Clan emerged victorious against Team Spirit in a tense quarter-final matchup.

Despite Spirit’s status as the pre-tournament favourite and their formidable performance on Nuke, FaZe’s strategic veto and clutch plays, particularly from David “frozen” Čerňanský, propelled them to a 2-1 (13-7, 16-19, 16-14) series win.

FaZe’s decision to allow Vertigo, a map they hadn’t played officially in 2024, paid off as they capitalized on Spirit’s vulnerabilities and secured crucial rounds.

Despite Spirit’s valiant efforts, including a remarkable comeback on Vertigo, FaZe’s composure in high-pressure situations ultimately secured their semi-final berth.

With Vitality set to face FaZe in the semi-finals, both teams are poised for a clash of titans.

Vitality’s recent momentum and individual brilliance, combined with FaZe’s strategic adaptability and clutch potential, promise an electrifying showdown in the next stage of the Major.

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